True Meaning of Not Admitted on JAMB CAPS and How to Change it

What does it mean when JAMB says “NOT ADMITTED” on JAMB CAPS? See the answer and explanation and how to change it below.

Seeing ‘Not Admitted‘ status on JAMB CAPS is not as bad as people take it and there’s nothing to worry about that.

First of all, Not Admitted status doesn’t mean the candidate will not be admitted and it doesn’t mean that there’s no hope for the candidate.

Not Admitted Status on JAMB CAPS has two different meanings but candidates do make the mistake of giving it one meaning which is “You have not been Admitted

Below is the true meaning of Not Admitted on JAMB CAPS and what to do immediately to increase your chances and get admitted instantly.

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What Does Not Admitted means on JAMB CAPS?

What does it mean when JAMB CAPS says Not Admitted?

The “Not admitted“ status on JAMB CAPS means that you have not admitted into the school or course you applied for but below are what you should know and do.


Notwithstanding, the Not Admitted Status on JAMB CAPS also has two different meanings and the meanings are shown below.

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First meaning of Not Admitted

The first meaning of ‘Not Admitted’ is that the candidate has not been offered admission yet.

This is what candidates will likely see if their school has not started giving admission yet and at this stage, all candidates will see the same status.

In this case, the admission status can possibly change from Not Admitted to admission in progress, then to admitted.

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Second Meaning of Not Admitted

The second meaning of ‘Not Admitted’ status is that the candidate is not qualified for admission into his choice of Institution or Course.

This usually happens when the school is done admitting the required number of candidates for the course.


It can also happen when the candidate’s admission status changes from admission in progress to not admitted.

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Reasons for Not Admitted Status on JAMB CAPS

Why is my admission status showing not admitted? The main reason for seeing Not Admitted Status on JAMB CAPS is because you are not qualified for admission.

The main factors that contribute or results to the Not Admitted Status are as follows:

  • Low JAMB score
  • Poor O’level grades
  • Inconsistency in Bio-data
  • Not uploading O’level result on JAMB Portal
  • Wrong subject combination
  • Omission of candidate from the final list

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Is there Hope of Admission for Candidate that see Not Admitted?


There is hope of admission for candidates that see not admitted on JAMB CAPS as long as such candidates have been selected for admission by their institution of choice.

In this case, the candidate should know that admission statuses are uploaded in batches. So the school will continue to update the admission status of candidates from NOT ADMITTED to Admission in Progress.


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What To Do when You See Not Admitted?

There’s nothing much to do at this stage to make the institution admit you. At that point, it is only the school that is in the better position of making a decision about your admission status.

In your own side, it is advisable to take any of the following steps if you see the Not Admitted Status on your JAMB CAPS.

  • Change your course to a less competitive one without changing your institution. Change course here
  • If you really needed the course, then change your institution if there’s still time. Change institution here
  • Check and confirm if your O’level result was uploaded at all. Check here

At this juncture, we believe you have known the true meaning of Not Admitted admission status on JAMB CAPS portal and what to do at that point.

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