MIT Acceptance Rate Class of 2026 Admit Stats 2022

A quick look at the MIT acceptance rate 2022 for the 2026 incoming class entails how many students the Massachusetts Institute of Technology acceptedfor the class of 2026 for Early Action (EA) and Regular Decision (RD).

This interesting article will so much enlighten students that have applied to or that are willing to apply to MIT on the MIT admission rate for both transfer admission, first-year admission and international admission.

Meanwhile, we have received so many questions from students and guardians, especially from those applicants that have applied to MIT already, as to what their chances of getting into the MIT is.

To answer this question accurately, let’s check out how hard or easy it is to get into the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

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How Hard is it to Get into MIT in 2022?

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology is one of the most competitive and selective colleges to get into especially in recent years.

MIT Acceptance Rate and admission statistics for incoming class

MIT is an elite school, with so many geniuses applying every year just like the Ivy league schools (check Ivy schools acceptance rates here) and that has really made MIT very competitive.


Note; this is not to discourage as MIT is opened to every applicant to easily apply and get in. Check more detailed explanation below.

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MIT Admission Rate 2022

As an effort to keep this information brief, we have decided to group the MIT acceptance rate into the following categories:

  • Early Action (EA) Acceptance rate.
  • Early Decision (ED) acceptance rate
  • Out-of-state acceptance rate.
  • In-state acceptance rate
  • Transfer acceptance rate, and
  • International student acceptance rate.

Drawing experience from last year admission, only a tiny number of the early action applicants at MIT were admitted while a larger number were deferred to the spring admission.

MIT Class of 2026 Early Admission Acceptance Rate

In the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) class of 2026 early admission, only to 697 students were admitted out of a total of 14,781 students that applied.

According to the admission announcement that was made by the MIT Admissions Assistant Director Chris Peterson SM ’13, the MIT early admission acceptance rate for the class of 2026 is 4.7%.

MIT Acceptance Rate Class of 2026

Unfortunately, MIT maintains an acceptance rate between 4% to 7.2% admit according to the recent admission statistics.

Below is the breakdown of the average acceptance rate for each entry level/mode;

  • Transfer Acceptance rate at MIT: 1.15% – 3%
  • Freshman acceptance rate at MIT: 4% – 7.2%
  • MIT out of state acceptance rate: 1% – 5%
  • MIT Admission rate for in-state: 4% – 7.2%
  • MIT international students acceptance rate: 6.7% – 42.5%
  • MIT Early Action (EA) acceptance rate: 4.73%
  • Stanford Early Decision (ED) Acceptance rate: 4.36

MIT Admission Statistics Profile

Note; the MIT admit rate for the ongoing entry class of 2026 admission have not been released yet as at the time of filing this information.

But if you can follow past years admission stats shown below properly, you can easily predict your chances of getting into MIT.

Below is what the MIT First-year freshman class profile and admission statistics looks like;

  • Total First-year applications received: 33,240
  • Number of First-year applicants admitted: 1,365
  • Admission rate in percentage:1%
  • Application received from the U.S. citizens/permanent residents: 24,074
  • Number of Applicants from the U.S admitted: 1,241
  • Applications received from International students: 9,165
  • International Students Admitted: 123

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