Monthly Cost of living in Greece for International Students 2022

In today’s report, I will be looking deeply into the cost of living in Greece for international students in 2022 and that is for those that wish to study in Greece.

First of all, when choosing a choice destination for your studies, it is of great importance to consider your budget before going a step further.

If there is one country in Europe that is cheap and affordable to live and study in after Norway, it will definitely be Greece.

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Greece often called the cradle of Western civilisation is a country in southeastern Europe with thousands of islands throughout the Aegean and Ionian seas.

It’s official language is Greek which is one of the oldest language still in use. Higher Education Institutions in Greece are fully self administered legal entities under public law and are funded and supervised by the Hellenic Ministry of National Education and Religious affairs.

While planning to study in Greece, your budget must come first.

As such, you should consider asking questions like;


What does it cost to study in Greece?

How much do I need to live and study in Greece?

In this article, I take my time and explain what it will cost and how much you will really need to live and study in Greece.

How Does it Feels to Study Of Studying in Greece

With beautiful tourist attractions like Acropolis Museum in Athens, the Towns and Beaches of Crete, Delphi, excellent cuisines and affordable cost of living, Greece is quite an interesting place to be in.

Apart from the above listed point, the following are some other interesting facts about living and studying in Greece and I am sure they will interest you;

1. Low Tuition

Tuition in Public universities in Greece are totally free for both citizens and cost very low for foreign students, so you do not have to worry about paying an expensive school fee.

2. No Exam


Unlike students from Greek who need to pass the Panhellenic exams before they can be admitted into an institution, you do not need to pass any exam as an international student. All you need is a good GPA.

3. Learn a new culture and history

Greece is a country with so many traditions and culture. You get the opportunity to know more about the ancient Greece and its culture.

These are the benefits you are gonna enjoy while studying in Greece. But first of all, what is your budget?

Well, it is of great significance to have enough financial ability before choosing to study in any foreign country.

Every student needs money to be able to get the essential things of life and also settle certain bills.

Things like tuition, accomodation, feeding, transportation, clothing etc should not be bypassed when mapping out a budget.

Do not forget that whatever you spend on a daily basis depends on your lifestyle, hence ensure to put your spending habits in check if you wanna cut cost and save some money.


Let’s take a look at the important things you are definitely gonna be spending your money on while in Greece:

Cost of Studying in Greece for International Students in 2022

Tuition fee in Public Universities in Greece is free of charge for all Greek and EU citizens, however non EU students are to pay around $1,600 – $2,000 yearly.

It is also important to know that all courses in the public universities are taught in Greek.

Notwithstanding, if you intend to attend a private university in Greece, then you will need between $7,000 to $12,000 per year depending on your program and course of study and the institution of learning.

Cheapest Universities in Greece for International Students

Meanwhile, I have made list of some of cheapest universities in Greece for international students. Below is the list of some of the most affordable universities in Greece for international students.

  • University of Thessaly
  • National Technical University of Athens
  • Alba Graduate Business School

Cost of living in Greece – Accomodation Cost for International Students

Prices of accomodation varies depending on the type and location. Accomodations in the countryside are quite cheap compared to the city. As an international student, renting an apartment is your best bet.

A one bedroom apartment cost between $300 – $500 in the city and lesser in the countryside while a three bedroom apartment costs between $500 – $700.

Sharung an apartment with a colleague would go a long way in cutting which in turn is gonna save you some money.


Cost of Food and Feeding Expenses in Greece for International Students

The cost of food is relatively low in Greece and is subject to lower VAT rate compared to other items across the nation. However, it depends on the city which you live.

If you love restaurant food more than home- cooked food, then you will be spending around $35 per day.

Greece is also known for its eye catching traditional Greek dishes prepared with vegetables, fishes, spices etc.

However, below are prices of some food items in Greece.

  • Milk (1 ltr) –   $1,040
  • Eggs ( dozen) – $4
  • Coca Cola (330ml) – $1,80
  • Local cheese – $7,95
  • White bread – $1
  • Bottle of wine – $7

Cost of Transportation in Greece for Students

Transportation system in Greece comprises of trains, canals, automobiles, city buses, air connections etc.

You need about $35 per month for monthly bus pass if you enjoy bus rides a lot. However, a bus ticket(single use) costs $1.60.

If you like to drive your own car during your stay in Greece, then it is important you get a car insurance.

Once you start driving a car, then gasoline has to be added to the budget. Price of gasoline in Greece ranges between $1.50 – $2.00 per litre.


Additional Expenses for International Students in Greece

Apart from the above mentioned, there are still some extra costs that students incur. Things like clothes, sit- outs, cinemas etc.

Students do not spend the whole day in classes, hence the remaining hours of the day are used for fun activities.

To watch a great movie in the cinema, you need around $9 – $10 for a movie ticket.

Internet/ utility bills are not left out. With a budget of $180, you are sure to sort out your electricity, water and garbage disposal bills. Meanwhile to get unlimited data in Greece, you need around $35 – $40.

Available Scholarships and Grants for International Students in Greece 2022

There are various scholarships and grants available for international students. The basic requirement needed is an excellent academic achievement.

Conclusively, you need about $700, rent exclusive to live in Greece. This is very cheap when being compared with other european countries such as UK and US.

Hence, whatever your budget is depends on the exchange rate in your home country. If you have additional questions, then use the comment section below.

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