Norway Student Visa fee from Nigeria 2022 & How to Pay Online

The new Norway student Visa fee from Nigeria 2022 has been update. This fee includes the Norway student visa application fee and the Norway student Visa processing fee.

Meanwhile, applicants are to pay this fee only once. Payment of fee must be done in accordance with the guidelines of the Norway embassy in Nigeria.

In this article, I have explained the Norway student visa fee in Nigeria, and how to pay the fee online or via the Norway student visa application portal.

Nigerian Students Experiences in Norway

I pretty that you will love to know this. So before we proceed, let me quickly walk you through few things that you should know before proceeding to study in Norway.

According to my personal findings, Nigerian citizens that are studying in Norwegian schools have the best experiences and enjoy a lot of benefits.

Some of the reasons why Nigerian citizens that are studying in Norwegian schools are having the best experiences include;

1. Free Education

In Norway, most higher education institutions are funded by the Norwegian Ministry of Education and Research. Hence, students including international students do not need to pay for their studies.


You only get to pay for a private university in Norway, even at that, the tuition fees are at a cheap price.

This is because the cost of living in Norway is very expensive, therefore students are likely to spend more on living expenses than fees.

2. The country is a safe place to study

Norway is a country whose crime rate is very low, hence international students are sure to be free from harassment from the police and unnecessary disturbances.

3. They speak a familiar Language

There will be no problem in language as Norwegians also speak English as well as their first language. Hence, enabling international students communicate effectively with their colleagues from other countries.

4. Beautiful and student friendly cities

Norway is one country that is blessed with amazing scenery. With cities like Oslo, students do have lots of tours and sightseeing to do.


5. They offer scholarships to international students

Scholarships are available to international students seeking financial assistance.

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How Much Does It Cost to Apply for a Norway Student Visa in Nigeria?

An international student is required to pay an application fee when applying for a Norwegian student visa. This fee is different for different types of study visa.

A Norwegian student visa cost about NOK 5,900 which is about US$608. When converted to the Nigerian Currency, it cost about N253,075 Naira. See the breakdown and additional charges below.

Therefore, if you are planning to study in Norway, you should have a budget of about N300,000 Naira for your Visa, including other application processes.

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Note: Meanwhile, there is also another Norway student visa that is free. Also, some visa may attract additional charges.


Breakdown of the Norwegian Student visa fees and Charges

Visa Type Application Fee Fee in Naira (Estimated)
Study permit for international applicants over 18 years (also renewals) NOK 5.900 N253,075
Study permit for international applicants under 18 years              0,- N0
Study Permit for researchers with own funds NOK 5.900 N253,075

Additional Charges

If you hand over your application at a Visa Application Centre which receives the application on behalf of the embassy, you must pay an extra service fee.

If the Visa Application Centre is going to send your application to an embassy in another country, you must also pay an additional courier fee.

This is in addition to the normal application fee. Please contact the Visa Application Centre for information about this fee.


How to Pay Norwegian Student Visa fee Online

Now that you have known the Norwegian student visa fee for Nigerian Citizens, I will then guide you on how to pay the fee.

  • First of all, when you apply for the visa on the Application Portal, you will need to pay your application fee as part of the process.
  • To pay the fees, you must first of all create an account, fill the application form and then proceed to make your payment.

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  • After completing the steps shown in the article recommended above, you will be given access to pay for your visa application.

How Long Does it take to Process a Norwegian Student Visa.

A Norway student visa takes about 2 months to process. Hence, it is very important to start early when applying for a student visa to avoid necessary  delay.

If your application is granted, then you will have to proceed to apply for a Norwegian residence permit.


With this piece of information, I believe you have known how much the Norway Student visa fee from Nigeria is and how to pay the Norwegian student visa fee 2022.

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