List Of Polytechnics Present in Anambra State [2023 UPDATE]

Polytechnics in Anambra State have been instrumental in the education and development of the state’s citizens. This article will examine the state’s different polytechnics and the range of departments they provide for learners. It will also look at the many advantages of polytechnic education as well as the advantages it has for the economy of the state. Finally, this article will examine the difficulties polytechnics in Anambra State are facing, as well as possible remedies.

List of Polytechnics in Anambra State

In Anambra State, there are currently two polytechnics: one federal and one state. There are currently no private polytechnics.

  • Federal Polytechnic, Oko
  • Anambra State Polytechnic (ANSPOLY), Mgbakwu

1. Federal Polytechnic, Oko

Federal Polytechnic, Oko is an accredited tertiary institution located in Anambra State, Nigeria. It was established in 1979 and is the first federal polytechnic in the state. The school has a stellar reputation for providing high-quality instruction, hands-on experience, and cutting-edge research.

In a variety of subjects like engineering, science, the arts, and business, the institution provides both National Diploma and Higher National Diploma courses. Pre-degree programs are also available. Its amenities include a well-stocked library, lecture halls, and labs with modern equipment.

The Polytechnic is dedicated to the growth of both its students and the neighborhood. The Federal Polytechnic, Oko Development Plan, a student-led initiative, aims to foster the development of the institution and its students. Numerous clubs and societies that serve the various interests and requirements of the student body have been established as a result of the effort.

Additionally, the school has a thriving sports culture. There are numerous sporting facilities and complexes there that let students play a variety of sports like football, basketball, volleyball, and tennis.

Additionally, the school sponsors a number of activities, including the Annual National Diploma Drama Festival and the Annual National Diploma Regatta. These occasions bring together kids from all over the nation to display their abilities.

The Anambra State’s socioeconomic development has been greatly aided by the polytechnic. Each year, it provides thousands of students with free or inexpensive education, as well as work prospects. Additionally, it gives students a place to grow professionally, learn new things, and expand their talents.


List of Courses Offered by Federal Polytechnic, Oko

The Federal Polytechnic, Oko offers a wide range of courses across its various schools and faculties. The following is a list of the courses currently on offer at the institution:

School Of Applied Sciences

• Computer Science 

• Mathematics 

• Biological Sciences 

• Chemistry 

• Physics 

• Statistics 

• Nursing 


• Public Health 

• Biochemistry 

School Of Business Studies

• Accounting 

• Banking & Finance 

• Business Administration 

• Marketing 

• Insurance 

• Economics 


• Mass Communication

School Of Engineering Technology

• Agricultural & Bio-Resources Engineering 

• Computer Engineering 

• Electrical Engineering 

• Mechanical Engineering 

• Civil Engineering 

• Metallurgical & Materials Engineering 

• Food Science & Technology 


• Hospitality & Tourism 

School Of Environmental Studies 

• Architecture 

• Building Technology 

• Quantity Surveying 

• Urban & Regional Planning 

• Estate Management 

• Surveying & Geo-informatics

School Of General & Preliminary Studies 

• Pre-ND Programmes 


• Basic Studies 

• English Language 

• Further Mathematics 

• Physics 

• Chemistry 

• Biology 

• Computer Science 

• French 


• Yoruba 

• Igbo 

• Hausa 

• Literature-in-English 

• Government 

• Christian Religious Studies 

• Islamic Religious Studies 

• Civic Education 


• History 

• Food & Nutrition


Address: 423123, Oko Town, Anambra State.

2. Anambra State Polytechnic (ANSPOLY), Mgbakwu

Premier tertiary institution Anambra State Polytechnic (ANSPOLY) Mgbakwu is situated in Mgbakwu, Anambra State, Nigeria. Since its founding in 1995, the polytechnic has continually held its position as one of the top institutions of higher learning in the nation. The polytechnic provides a wide variety of academic and professional courses that have been authorized by the National Board for Technical Education as part of its dedication to offering high-quality education and training (NBTE).

The Polytechnic is dedicated to offering top-notch instruction and training that is customized to satisfy the needs of the community, the industry, and the students. The polytechnic gives students the chance to specialize in their chosen field of study and gives them access to the most recent tools, training, and resources.

The Polytechnic is home to a well-stocked library, cutting-edge labs and equipment, and a committed group of knowledgeable and experienced teachers. Sports, cultural events, and social gatherings are just a few of the extracurricular activities offered by the polytechnic.

Anambra State Polytechnic (ANSPOLY), Mgbakwu is dedicated to supporting students’ intellectual, physical, and cultural growth while maintaining a lively learning environment. In order to support the achievement of its students, it also offers a variety of services that are centered on them, including career counseling and counseling.


Students can anticipate receiving a strong foundation in the theories and practices of their chosen area at Anambra State Polytechnic (ANSPOLY) Mgbakwu, as well as acquiring the abilities and information required for success in the workplace of the twenty-first century.

List of Courses Offered by Anambra State Polytechnic (ANSPOLY), Mgbakwu

1. Business Administration

2. Accountancy

3. Banking & Finance

4. Office Technology & Management

5. Public Administration

6. Marketing

7. Mass Communication


8. Computer Science

9. Statistics

10. Electrical/Electronic Engineering

11. Computer Engineering

12. Civil Engineering

13. Mechanical Engineering

14. Agro-Technology

15. Science Laboratory Technology


16. Food Technology

17. Leisure & Tourism Management

18. Library & Information Science

19. Architecture

20. Building Technology

21. Urban & Regional Planning

22. Quantity Survey

23. Fine/Applied Arts


24. Hospitality Management

25. Estate Management

26. Transportation Planning & Management

27. Surveying & Geo-Informatics


Address: Mgbakwu, Anambra State, Nigeria.

The Advantages of Anambra Polytechnics to the State’s Economy

1. Employment

Anambra Polytechnic offers a platform for employment creation through training and skill development in a variety of professions, making graduates more marketable and productive in their chosen fields.

2. Social Advantages

The educational services offered by Anambra Polytechnic serve society by lowering unemployment, crime, and poverty in the state.


3. Economic Expansion

Anambra Polytechnic’s educational services help the state’s economy flourish as a result of its graduates’ increased employability and productivity in their subjects of study.

4. Improved Infrastructure

By providing the amenities required for employees and students, Anambra Polytechnic helps to strengthen the state’s infrastructure.

5. Enhanced Efficiency

The Anambra Polytechnic’s graduates have the knowledge and abilities that help boost state productivity and make the economy more effective.

6. Innovation

Innovation Graduates of Anambra Polytechnic are able to adapt their knowledge and skills to novel concepts and procedures. This promotes innovation.

Difficulties Polytechnics in Anambra State Are Facing And Possible Remedies


1. Insufficient money

Anambra State’s polytechnics frequently struggle with a lack of funding. Their capacity to upgrade infrastructure and provide access to high-quality education is impacted by this.

2. Poor Educational Quality

Polytechnics in Anambra State have come under fire for their subpar educational offerings because of insufficient funding, a shortage of trained faculty, and ineffective teaching strategies.

3. Poor Infrastructure

The majority of Anambra State’s polytechnics lack essential amenities including labs, libraries, and internet connectivity.

4. Poor Management

One of the main issues affecting Anambra State’s polytechnics has been highlighted as a lack of appropriate management.


Possible Remedies

1. Increased Funding

In order to develop infrastructure, access to high-quality education, and other services, polytechnics in Anambra State should get appropriate funding from the government.

2. Higher Educational Quality

The government should make investments in the hiring and training of qualified personnel as well as the development of teaching strategies.

3. Better Infrastructure

The government should make investments to upgrade the polytechnics’ infrastructure in Anambra State, including their libraries, labs, and internet connectivity.

4. Better Management

To enable polytechnics in Anambra State to have better management and leadership, the government should give them access to sufficient funding and assistance.


In Anambra State, polytechnic institutions have grown in significance as the state has developed. Due to their high standards of education and training, they have grown to be a major draw for students from around the nation and have become a source of employment for the local population. 

The introduction of new technology and enhanced infrastructure in polytechnics have benefited Anambra State as well, raising the standard of living for its residents. Polytechnics have also given the students the knowledge and abilities they need to become contributing members of society. These polytechnics can continue to be very helpful to Anambra State with the cooperation of the public and private sectors.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the admission requirements for Polytechnics in Anambra State?

The admission requirements for Polytechnics in Anambra State vary by institution. Generally, applicants must possess a minimum of five O-Level credits which must include English Language and Mathematics. Additionally, applicants may be required to pass an entrance examination.

What is the duration of study for Polytechnics in Anambra State?

The duration of study for Polytechnics in Anambra State depends on the program of study. Generally, most programs require a minimum of four years of study.

Are Polytechnics in Anambra State government-funded?

Yes, most Polytechnics in Anambra State are government-funded.

What types of courses are offered in Polytechnics at Anambra State?

Polytechnics in Anambra State offer a variety of courses, ranging from engineering, sciences, and business to art, design, and hospitality.

Are there any scholarship opportunities available for Polytechnics in Anambra State?

Yes, there are scholarship opportunities available for Polytechnics in Anambra State. These scholarships are usually offered by the government or private donors.



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