Polytechnics that Offer Biomedical Engineering in Nigeria

Do you wish to know the polytechnics that offer biomedical engineering in Nigeria as a single course with their admission requirements?

If yes, then we have published the list of all the polytechnics in Nigeria that offer biomedical engineering in 2022 as a single course for ND and HND.

Also, we have listed the polytechnic requirements, JAMB subject combination and O’level (WAEC, NECO, or GCE) subjects combination for biomedical engineering technology.

What is Biomedical Engineering in Polytechnic?

Biomedical which is popularly known as Biomedical Engineering Technology across Nigerian polytechnics is one of the most lucrative medical technology courses offered in polytechnics.

Biomedical Engineering Technology is equivalent to Biomedical Engineering in Nigerian Universities.

Diploma in Biomedical Engineering in Nigeria

Diploma in Biomedical Engineering in Nigeria is a Diploma level Biomedical Engineering Technology course.

The duty of Biomedical Engineering Technology is to design sophisticated medical equipment including diagnostic and therapeutic machines, lifesaving devices and other life supporting devices like the artificial heart and dialysis machine.

HND in Biomedical Engineering in Nigeria

The Higher National Diploma (HND) in biomedical engineering technology is a Diploma level program that follows after the completion of an Ordinary National Diploma (OND) program in Biomedical technology.


Colleges of Biomedical Engineering Technology in Nigeria offer two years ND and two years HND programs for biomedical engineering technology course.

Meanwhile, Biomedical Technicians in Nigeria can work in health sectors with sector chemists, biochemists, medical professionals, biologists, microbiologists, medical scientists, laboratory scientist, etc.

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Biomedical Technology Salary in Nigeria

Biomedical Technicians in Nigeria who have earned a minimum of HND in biomedical engineering technology can earn as much as N80,000 to N150,000 at the lowest job level.

Those at higher job levels and positions may earn as much as N200,000 to N500,000 depending on the job position they handle.

Polytechnic Admission Requirements for Biomedical Technology

Polytechnics’ admission requirements for Biomedical Technology are as follows:

  • A good O’level Result
  • Have C grades in Mathematics, English, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology in your WAEC or NECO O’level Results
  • Maintain a JAMB score between or above 120
  • Choose the proper JAMB Subject combination

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Polytechnic Cut off mark for Biomedical Engineering

For a candidate to be admitted into any Nigerian polytechnic to study Biomedical engineering, the candidate must meet the polytechnic Cut off mark for Biomedical engineering.


The polytechnic Cut-off mark for Biomedical engineering in 2022/2023 is 120

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Note: Some polytechnics will require candidates to score high in JAMB (between 150 or above) to stand a chance of being admitted.

Polytechnic JAMB Subject Combination for Biomedical Engineering

The Polytechnic JAMB subjects combination for Biomedical engineering are:

  • Use of English
  • Mathematics
  • Physics
  • Chemistry or Biology

List of Polytechnics that Offer Biomedical Engineering in Nigeria.

The following are the polytechnics that offer Biomedical engineering in Nigeria in 2022.

  1. School Of Biomedical Engineering, Maiduguri, Borno State – under the University of Maiduguri (UNIMAID) Teaching Hospital.
  2. School Of Biomedical Engineering, Benin – under the University of Benin Teaching Hospital
  3. School of Biomedical Engineering, Lagos – under the University of Lagos Teaching Hospital
  4. See full list of schools that offer biomedical engineering here

Those are the polytechnics that offer Biomedical engineering in Nigeria 2022 with their admission requirements and JAMB cut-off mark requirements.

Do you have further questions? If yes, thwn feel free to ask your questions and also drop your comment in the comment section below.

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