Princeton 2022 Acceptance Rate, Class of 2026 Admission Stats

In few minutes, we’re gonna take a look at the Princeton acceptance rate 2022 for the class of 2026 for in-state, out-of-state and international applicants for both Early Action and Regular Decision.

Princeton University one of the most competitive Ivy League school with a low acceptance rate for both transfer, first-year and international students.

Princeton admissions statistics has revealed the kind of applicants that are accepted into Princeton and the outstanding criteria for qualifying for admission at Princeton University.

Below is the statistical listing of the Princeton acceptance rate 2026 for freshmen, transfer admission rate and admission rate for international students.

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How to Maximize Admission Chances at Princeton

Firstly, it is important to know that Princeton University is one of the “Big three” Ivy league schools alongside Harvard and Yale.

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Historically, Princeton is one of the toughest Ivy League schools to get into and as such, students will need an explicit strategies to get in.


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One of the recommended ways of maximizing admission chances at Princeton or in any other ivy school is by applying through Early action/early decision:

Ivy league schools are known to accept more applicants during the early action/early decision than the regular decision.

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As such, applying for Princeton early action or early decision may typically increase the chances of getting in.

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Princeton University Acceptance Rate 2026

Princeton University maintains an acceptance rate of 4.0%. For some years, this admission rate may be higher or lower.

  • Princeton early action (EA) average admission rate is 13.9%
  • Princeton average regular decision (RD) admission rate is 12%.

Below is the breakdown of the Princeton admission rate base on each of Princeton early action, early decision and Regular Decision.


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Entry Early Action/Decision Admission Rate Regular Decision Admission Rate
First-year (Freshman) acceptance rate 14% 4%
Transfer Acceptance Rate 0.91% 0.91%
International Students 5.5% 5.5%
Out-of-state 6% 6%
In-state 11.3% 11.3%

Princeton Admission Rate Statistics 2022

Statistically, the Princeton University has an average acceptance rate of 4% for early action and early decision and 14% admission rate for regular decision.

Now, let’s consider the Princeton admission statistics for one of the past Princeton’s entry classes profile.

Princeton Overall Admission Rate Statistics

  • Applied: 37,601
  • Accepted: 1,498
  • Acceptance rate: 4.0%

Good enough, that was the Princeton admission acceptance rate statistics for first-year (freshmen), acceptance rate for transfer admission and the admission rate for international admission.

Disclaimer: all statistics provided on this page are estimated data gathered from past admission stats. To get an up-to-date statistics, visit Princeton University admission statistics portal.

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