Privacy Policy

Welcome to This is our Privacy Policy page.

This page has all our site’s privacy policies as related to our procedures on users’ data collection, use of our users’ data, users’ privacy rights and how the law protects our users whenever they use our site.


Jilearners Cookies: we may use Cookies (a small file placed on your device browser) to fetch some information about you that will help us to know and identify users.

Such cookies also help us to save some useful data that can be used for automatic approval of users’ subsequent comments after they must have made a first time.

Google AdSense Cookies: Google AdSense sends a cookie to user’s browser when they visit any page on our site that shows ads, generate any impression, click, or carry out other activities that results in a call to Google’s Server’s action.

So if your browser accepts the cookie, the cookie will be stored on the browser and that will help Google to display only ads that are relevant (to avoid annoying and irrelevant ads).

Use of Your Personal Data

On jilearners, we collect personal data like Names and Email which are primarily used for identification and automatic approval of your subsequent comments by saving the data on the user’s browser’s cookies.

Note: we only use our users’ data to improve and maintain our services, for analytics and also for the monitoring of users’ usage of our site to ensure strict compliance with our policies.

When using our site, Google also collect Users’ data (usage data) such as;

  • IP address
  • Browser type and browser version
  • Services and webpages that you have visited
  • Device identifiers and so on.

Such data are fetch and stored on Cookies or similar tracking technologies and it helps Google to track users information to enable them improve and show relevant ads to them.

Generally, we may only use your data for purposes like analyzing and evaluation of our site data, identifying usage trends, displaying of relevant AdSense ads and campaigns, and improvement of user’s experience.

Who we share you Data with: We may share your personal data with:

Governmental Agencies: Incase of misuse, breaking of the law as a result of the activities you carryout on our site and other legal purposes, we may share your data with appropriate government agencies, courts or other public authorities.

With Your consent: another instance where we can share your personal data is when you give us permission to do so.

Google: Google may fetch your personal data anything you use our site.

Note: when you make a comment on our site, your information like name and profile picture (if you have any) may be visible in our comment section (alongside your comment) to other users  other.

Retention of Your Personal Data

Your data on our site may be retained indefinitely to the extent necessary to comply with our legal obligations.

Retention of data is only used to ensure compliance with applicable laws, accurate tracking and analysis, enforcement of legal policies, etc.

Links to Other Websites

Jilearners may sometimes contain links to other websites that are not owned, managed or operated by us.

As such, we strongly advise users to check the Privacy Policy of every other site they visit via a third party link on our site as we shall not be held responsible for any bridge of information or policy outside our site.

Updating of Policies:

Our privacy-policy may be updated at any time if we undergo any service upgrade. As such, we advise you to always visit this page to see if there are changes to our policies.

By using our site, we believe that you have agreed and have given us the permission to collect and use your information according to this privacy policy.

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