5 Reasons Candidates Fail JAMB/Reasons for Low JAMB Scores 2022

Have you ever wondered why JAMB candidates fail JAMB exam? Have you also wondered why even candidates that read so much for JAMB still end up failing the exam?

Well, it will be helpful to you if you know some of the top reasons why candidates fail JAMB exam and how to avoid it in your case.

Well, JAMB failure should not always be attributed to spiritual attack as a lot of people mostly do. Most times, it is just candidates’ mistakes that usually land them there.

To figure out these problems, we have analyzed about 5 of the top reasons why JAMB candidates score very low and fail JAMB exam.

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JAMB Failure Analysis till Date

Considering past years’ exams, we noticed a higher rate of JAMB failure with so many candidates scoring below 180 with the majority scoring between 120 to 160.

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For example, in the JAMB 2021 exam, about 1,889,801 candidates scored between 120 to 130 while about 1,866,444 candidates scored between 130 – 160.


Likewise, about 1,041,234 candidates scored between 160 – 170 while only about 781,327 candidates scored above 180, 568,842 scored above 190 and only 404,542 scored above 200.

Now the question is, why does a higher percentage of JAMB candidates perform very poorly in JAMB exam? Below are a few reasons for JAMB failure.

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Reasons for JAMB Failure/Low JAMB Score 2022

After analyzing some JAMB result data of past years, we have arrived at the following 5 reasons why JAMB candidates score very low and fail their exams.


This is very common to those writing JAMB for the first time. So much fear and tension may result in a momentary loss of memory where you can’t recall any of the stuff you studied.

If tension sets in, then fear may come along and the result may be loss of memory before regaining your memory to start answering your questions, time may run out of patience. See the solution to this here.


This very mistake is very common to JAMB candidates that write mathematics and other calculative subjects.

Many candidates make the mistake of starting their exam with the most difficult subject and end up spending more time than they suppose to.


As such, they rush to cover up the remaining three subjects in the little time they are left with, and most of the time, they don’t meet up.

Each candidate has just 120 minutes (2 hours) to answer 180 questions. So this simply means that a candidate has less than one minute (0.67 seconds) to answer each question.

So if a candidate should spend more than a minute on a particular question, he or she has to stabilize it by spending only 0.33 seconds on the next question. See the solution to this here.

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What if you do not see any of those things you studied in your exam? Will you still perform better? The simple answer is no. For this reason, it is always advisable to study with the JAMB syllabus.

It’s not enough to read any material you see just because it carries the name of the subject you will write. But it’s better to study with the materials that are recommended on the JAMB syllabus.

[Get JAMB Syllabus for all Subjects here]


There’s just a candidate over there struggling with how to drag the mouse, how to use the screen calculator, how to move to the next question or return to the previous question, and how to enter another subject.


But over there is another candidate that is playing around with the computer keyboard keys without event toughing the mouse and running at a speed.

These two candidates cannot complete their exams at the same time. Meanwhile, the former might end up not completing his or her exam.

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The root of most exam failures is lack of preparation or poor preparation. Lack of preparation in the sense that you didn’t study for the exam at all and poor preparation in the sense that you prepared but prepared wrongly.

So can someone prepare wrongly? Yes of course. As we established earlier, it’s not enough to read any material you see just because it carries the name of the subject you will write.

The better way to study and prepare in accordance with what JAMB will set is to study with the JAMB recommended textbooks for each subject.

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Those are the 5 reasons candidates fail JAMB and score very low. Please try and learn from the mistake and avoid them in your case.


If this information was helpful to you, then kindly share it with others and also feel free to make your recommendations, drop your questions or drop a comment below.

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