2022 Regular Decision (RD) Acceptance Rate 2026 of Prestigious Institutions

Hey there!!! Do you wish to know the regular decision (RD) acceptance rate for the class of 2026? If yes, then you are welcome.

This information is for all students that wish to apply to/have already applied to any college through regular decision.

The RD acceptance rate entails the percentage of applicants that are accepted into colleges via the regular decision admissions.

We have made a list of the Regular Decision (RD) acceptance rates of top and prestigious colleges and universities in the U.S at the bottom of this page.

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How Regular Decision Acceptance Rate is Calculated 2022

Regular decision acceptance rate is calculated by dividing the number of accepted applicants by the total number of applicants that applied.

For instance, if a college should receive about 100,000 applicants through regular decision and admit about 5,000 out of the total, the acceptance rate will be 5%

Does Regular Decision Increase Chances of getting into a College?

Although college admission is strictly based on qualification, the Regular Admission Process may increase the chances of getting into a college because:

  • It gives applicants enough time to retake their tests if their previous test score was poor.
  • Regular decision also give applicants more time to consider their suitable majors.

Generally, Regular Decision is seen to be the standard college application pathway.

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In regular decision, each college their deadlines to follow and they also applicants to apply for financial aid by completing the FAFSA.

Is Regular Decision Acceptance Rate high or Low?

From the statistics we have gathered from past admission years, College regular decision (R.D) acceptance rate is always lower than Early action and Early Decision.

But regular decision provides applicants with the benefit of preparing effectively and having greater admission chances.

Below is the Regular Decision RD admission rates of top and prestigious colleges and universities in U.S

Regular Decision (RD) Acceptance Rates of Prestigious Institutions

The following is the Regular Decision (RD) acceptance rates of top and prestigious colleges and universities in U.S. You can check out their early action and early decision acceptance rate here.

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College/University Regular Decision Acceptance Rate
California Institute of Technology 5%
Amherst College 10%
American University 33%
Boston University 18%
Augustana College (IL) 56%
Babson College 26%
Harvard University 3%
Haverford College 13%
Bates College 9%
Baylor University 45%
Harvey Mudd College 13%
Southern Methodist University 47%
Beloit College 62%
Bennington College 58%
Binghamton University 27%
Boston College 24%
Adelphi University 68%
Agnes Scott College 65%
Albion College 57%
Allegheny College 49%
Bowdoin College 7%
Bryn Mawr College 31%
Bucknell University 32%
Carleton College 18%
Carnegie Mellon University 15%
Case Western Reserve University 23%
Catholic University 77%
Centre College 76%
Chapman University 56%
Claremont McKenna College 8%
Clark University 53%
Colby College 11%
Colgate University 20%
Bard College 65%
Barnard College 10%
College of New Jersey 48%
College of the Holy Cross 31%
College of William & Mary 37%
Davidson College 14%
Denison University 27%
Colorado College 5%
Columbia University 4%
Connecticut College 36%
Cooper Union 14%
Cornell University 9%
Dartmouth College 6%
St. Lawrence University 41%
Dickinson College 39%
Duke University 7%
Emory University 15%
Fordham University 40%
Cornell College 57%
St. Joseph’s University 57%
Franklin & Marshall College 28%
Furman University 41%
George Washington University 39%
Georgetown University 18%
Georgia Institute of Technology 21%
Gettysburg College 47%
Grinnell College 22%
Hamilton College 15%
Howard University 29%
Illinois Wesleyan University 45%
Johns Hopkins University 10%
Kenyon College 32%
Lafayette College 30%
Lawrence University 49%
St. Mary’s College of Maryland 74%
Lehigh University 29%
Loyola Marymount University 33%
Macalester College 31%
Massachusetts Institute of Technology 6%
Miami University 80%
Middlebury College 13%
St. John’s University (MN) 63%
Mount Holyoke College 36%
New College of Florida 68%
New York University 14%
North Carolina State University 40%
Northeastern University 18%
Brandeis University 29%
Brown University 6%
Bryant University 58%
Northwestern University 7%
Oberlin College 35%
St. John’s College (NM) 54%
Occidental College 36%
Ohio State University 35%
Ohio University 77%
Pitzer College 11%
Pomona College 6%
Princeton University 5%
Providence College 46%
Reed College 39%
Rhodes College 44%
St. Olaf College 45%
Rice University 8%
Rollins College 58%
Santa Clara University 37%
Sarah Lawrence College 41%
Scripps College 31%
Simmons University 56%
Skidmore College 28%
Smith College 30%
Southwestern University 37%
Spelman College 33%
Stonehill College 52%
Susquehanna University 85%
Swarthmore College 8%
Texas Christian University 28%
The College of Wooster 53%
Towson University 62%
Trinity College (CT) 31%

We believe you have known the Regular Decision (RD) acceptance rates 20226 of top and prestigious colleges and universities in U.S. Check out their early action and early decision acceptance rate here.

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