Class of 2026 Regular Decision (RD) Application Deadlines – all Colleges

Are you ready for the class of 2026 regular decision (RD) application? If yes, here are the class of 2026 regular decision (RD) application deadlines for all colleges.

Colleges across the US are already set for the class of 2026 regular decision admission for 2022.

Note; most colleges will release their regular decision admission notification between February to April.

For more information on RD notification for 2022, see the regular decision notification dates for all Colleges here.

What You Should Know About College RD Admission Application

  • Regular Decision notification is usually between February to April
  • Applying to Regular Decision means you are not applying in the early round
  • Regular decision applicants usually receive their admission decision in the spring
  • The regular decision applicants are usually more than the Early applicants
  • Regular Decision are not binding

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Class of 2026 Regular Decision Deadlines

Looking for the Regular Decision college application deadlines for the 2022 admission cycle (Class of 2026) in the US?

If yes, below is the listing of the class of 2026 regular decision (RD) application deadlines for colleges in 2022.

Institution Regular Decision Deadline
American University January 15
Amherst College January 3
Boston College February 1
Boston University January 6
Bowdoin College January 5
Brown University January 5
Bucknell University January 15
CalTech January 5 (tentative)
Carleton College January 15
Carnegie Mellon December 1 / January 3
Claremont McKenna College January 5
Colby College January 1
Colgate University January 15
Colorado College January 15
Columbia University January 1
Cornell University January 2
Dartmouth College January 2
Davidson College January 11
Duke University December 20 / January 4
Emory University January 1
Georgia Tech January 5
Georgetown University January 10
Grinnell College January 15
Hamilton College January 1
Harvard University January 1
Harvey Mudd College January 5
Haverford College January 15
Johns Hopkins University January 4
Kenyon College January 15
Macalester College January 15
Middlebury College January 3
MIT January 6
New York University NA
Northwestern University January 3
Oberlin College January 15
Princeton University January 1
Pomona College January 8
Purdue University January 15
Scripps College January 3
Smith College January 25
Stanford University December 5 / January 5
Swarthmore College January 4
Tufts University NA
University of California Schools November 30
University of Chicago January 4
University of Pennsylvania January 5
UNC Chapel Hill January 15
University of Florida March 1 – Application considered on space-available basis
University of Michigan February 1
University of Minnesota – Twin Cities January 1
University of Notre Dame January 1
University of Southern California January 15
University of Texas at Austin December 1
University of Virginia January 1
University of Washington December 31 / February 15 (Tentative)
University of Wisconsin-Madison February 1
Vanderbilt University January 1
Vassar College January 4
Villanova University January 15
Wellesley College January 8
Wesleyan University January 1
Williams College January 10
Yale University January 2

That is the class of 2026 regular decision (RD) application deadlines for top colleges in the U.S for 2022-2023.

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