Science Courses Offered in Polytechnics in Nigeria 2022/2023

If you are reading this, then I am about to unveil the list of science courses offered in polytechnics in Nigeria 2022 and the polytechnics that offer them.

This is to say that this article will reveal the science courses that you can study in a Nigerian polytechnics and the names of the polytechnics that offer them.

One thing you should know is that studying a science course in the polytechnic is of more advantage in terms of practical exposure.

Note: Nigerian polytechnics were originally designed to engage students in science and technological research, and management skills for the development and advancement of technology, economy, and industries.

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Polytechnics Admission Requirements for Science Courses

Gaining admission to study any course in any Nigerian Polytechnic is far easier and faster than that of the universities.

Some of the top polytechnics in Nigeria accept as low as 140 JAMB scores for admission into any science course which makes it very easy to gain admission into.

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Fortunately, many Polytechnics in Nigeria offer top science courses like Nursing, Pharmaceutical technology, engineering, and so on.

Some of the polytechnic admission requirements, JAMB subject combination and cut off mark requirements for science courses are;

  • Suitable JAMB score from 120
  • Credit passes in English and Mathematics
  • You must have Chemistry, Biology or Physics, or all, in your O’level depending on the subject you are choosing

Check below to see the full listing of all the science courses that are offered in Nigerian polytechnics in 2022.


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List of Science Courses Offered in Polytechnics in Nigeria 2022

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Here is the list of 67 science courses that are offered in Nigerian polytechnics. Please check the bottom to see the best polytechnics that offer them.

  1. Agricultural Technology
  2. Agricultural And Bio-Environmental Technology
  3. Animal Health and Production Technology
  4. Architectural Technology
  5. Arts And Industrial Design
  6. Biomedical Engineering Technology
  7. Building Technology
  8. Boat And Ship Building Technology
  9. Chemical Engineering Technology
  10. Civil Engineering Technology
  11. Computer Science
  12. Computer Engineering Technology
  13. Aircraft Technology
  14. Explosive Ordinance Technology
  15. Dental Technology
  16. Optometry
  17. Pharmaceutical Technology
  18. Dental Nursing
  19. Health Information Management
  20. Community Health
  21. Biochemistry
  22. Environmental Health Technology
  23. Biotechnology
  24. Orthopedic Cast Technology
  25. Veterinary Laboratory Technology
  26. Dental Therapy
  27. Nutrition and Dietetics
  28. Medical Imaging Technology
  29. Electrical Engineering Technology
  30. Electronic Engineering Technology
  31. Estate Management And Valuation
  32. Fashion Design And Clothing Technology
  33. Food Technology
  34. Forestry Technology
  35. Horticultural Technology
  36. Horticulture And Landscape Technology
  37. Foundry Technology
  38. Fisheries Technology
  39. Hospitality Management
  40. Glass/Ceramics Technology
  41. Geological Technology
  42. Mechanical Engineering Technology
  43. Mechatronics Engineering Technology
  44. Marine Engineering Technology
  45. Water Resources Engineering Technology
  46. Nautical Science
  47. Metallurgical Technology
  48. Mineral Resources Engineering Technology
  49. Minerals And Petroleum Resources Technology
  50. Prosthetics/Orthotics Technology
  51. Printing Technology
  52. Petroleum Engineering Technology
  53. Petroleum And Gas Processing
  54. Photogrammetry And Remote Sensing
  55. Quantity Surveying
  56. Polymer Technology
  57. Science Laboratory Technology
  58. Leather Technology
  59. Textiles Technology
  60. Wood And Paper Technology
  61. Industrial Maintenance Engineering Technology
  62. Industrial Safety And Environmental Engineering Technology
  63. Wildlife And Eco-Tourism
  64. Surveying And Geo-Informatics
  65. Cartography And Geographic Information System
  66. Welding And Fabrication Technology
  67. Science Laboratory Technology

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List of Polytechnics that Offer Science Courses in Nigeria in 2022

Here are the well-known polytechnics in Nigeria that offer some/all of the science courses listed above;

  1. Federal Polytechnic Nekede
  2. Akwa Ibom State Polytechnic
  3. Federal Polytechnic, Bida
  4. Binyaminu Usman Polytechnic
  5. Abia State Polytechnic
  6. Mai Idris Alooma Polytechnic, Geidam
  7. Federal Polytechnic, Ede
  8. Federal Polytechnic, Ilaro
  9. Benue State Polytechnic
  10. Federal Polytechnic, Mubi
  11. Kano State Polytechnic
  12. Kaduna Polytechnic
  13. Moshood Abiola Polytechnic
  14. Abraham Adesanya Polytechnic Ijebu Igbo
  15. Abubakar Tatari Ali Polytechnic, Bauchi
  16. Auchi Polytechnic
  17. Crown Polytechnic, Ado-Ekiti
  18. Anambra State Polytechnic, Mgbakwu
  19. Federal Polytechnic, Bauchi
  20. Imo State Polytechnic

We believe you have seen the list of the science courses that are offered in Nigerian polytechnics and have known the polytechnics that offer them.

At this juncture, you can feel free to share your thoughts, drop comments or ask questions in the comment section below.

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