7 Set of Friends to Avoid and 6 to Keep in College

Are you interested in knowing the 7 set of friends you should avoid and the 6 types of friend you should keep in college? If yeah, then you’re on the right spot to knowing that.

One of the most common things newly admitted college students do immediately they’re accepted into a college is to mingle with other students.

This is good and recommendable for some reasons, but the kind of friends you choose will have a lot to do with the outcome of your college journey.

A wise man once said “show me your friends and I will tell you who you’re”. You know why? Cos birds of the same feathers flock together!!!

How to Select the Best Friends for Yourself

First thing first!!! You know the kind of person you’re and you wouldn’t want anyone to change your personality, right? Yeah, that’s where to start from.

At first, check out for friends that best suit your personality. It will be easier to adapt to new friends with similar passion and same way of doing things.

The following are the 7 best ways to select good friends for yourself if you’re are new to college;

  1. Don’t Rush: Although you need new friends especially to share the new experiences, ideas and stories with, keeping friends so quick might not be a necessity at least for the first few days in college.

You may have to calm a little and avoid so much fun and mingling for the few days you have been in the college. By that, you have to keep a watch on colleagues to grab your suit.

  1. Talk to your mind: While taking self-decisions, it is always advisable to listen deeply to yourself. In several cases, college students have met their best friends on their first day in campus.

If you have a captivating spirit, you might fetch your kind of friend at a glance. While seeing other students, you mind may easily capture your kind of friends.

  1. Stick to Old Friends: Is one of your old best friends also admitted along with you? If yes, then that is a good start for you. So maintain the friendship.
  2. Make use of the Classroom: You aim of making friends should solely be for the togetherness that will all lead to success in your studies.

If so, then you will need serious minded and brilliant students as friends. The best strategy to fetch such friends is to monitor the classroom.

Who’re the smartest, calm, friendly and serious students in your class? If you can fetch them, then make friends with them and you wouldn’t regret.

6 Types Of Friend you Should Keep in College

Whether you’re new or old in a college, there are some characters that you must check out from your friends to analyze whether they worth your friendship or not.

The following are the 6 types of friend you should keep in college if you wanna achieve big and come out in flying colors.

Truthful Friends: Hey there, we believe you love truthfulness and so we do too! So you wouldn’t love to keep a liar and dubious person as a friend to avoid the unforeseen.

Smart Friends: You can learn smartness from smart people. Keeping friendship with smart students is one of the best ways to start building your own level of smartness too by learning from them!

Calm and Gentle Friends: You wouldn’t want a friend that will always want to engage in a fight, maltreat and or threaten others to avoid being counted as one when time for the punishment comes.


Friendly and open minded friends: if your friend is a true and open minded one, he or she will always show you how to do it as long as he or she knows how to.

Serious friends: Hey!!! College is not all about hookups, clubbing and outings. No! No!! No!!!, you have a goal and target to achieve, so focus on choosing serious friends that will help you achieve your dreams.

Wealthy Friends: Hey there! Many of those rich brats are always willing to pay for almost everything. If you can mingle well with them, then you may derive some financial benefits while helping them academically.

7 Set of Friends to Avoid in College

Likewise, here are 7 set of friend you should never keep in college if you wanna achieve big and come out in flying colors.

Party-Lovers: These are those that are always going from one party to another. They don’t have time for studies and they live a partying lifestyle.

Haters: This set of students hate for no reasons. They find fault in anything you do and wouldn’t wanna see you succeed in anything you do.

The smokers: If you wouldn’t want to go into smoking and drugging, and then avoid this set of friends coz they may end up luring you if you keep them around you.

Flirt, Players & jokers: The play with almost everything; girls, studies, assignment and so on. They came to school to study but have turn out to be mere jokers who have loss focus already.


Avoiding this set of friends is very recommendable especially for those innocent female students who wouldn’t want anyone to toil with their hearts.

Proud and Pompous: Hey dude! I can’t stay in that boring class for hours!!! Man, I have my ways of always sorting everything out so I don’t give a shit wasting time on lectures!!!

Yeah, they’re always into boasting and showing off all manner of pomposity and pride. It is advisable to avoid this set of students.

The addicts: these ones are addicted to almost everything; game, videos, shows, smoking, drinking and doing drugs, flirting and so on.

They’re always on cool mode after filing up their brains with illegal substances.  Keeping such friends will lure you into acting coward which may end you in the prison.

The Classics: Here are the model queens and kings. They don’t have time for shit. All they have in mind is showing up and drawing attentions.

All their attention is on swag, fashion, always at the eatery spending and so on. Hey man!!! Avoid this set of students coz their intentions are beyond what you can contain.

Finally, we believe you’ve known the 6 types of friend you should keep and the 7 set of friends you should avoid in college. Please share and drop your thoughts below.

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Nwafor Mary Chinasa
Nwafor Mary Chinasa
2 years ago

Sir Idris you are really doing a good job here keep up the good work
Your information to us the student is 💯% beneficiary. Thank you very much sir.

Quote man
Quote man
2 years ago

You’ve provided a good information for we students and this is exactly how it should. Thanks 👍 and God bless

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