9 Signs That The College You Applied To Will Admit/Accept You

If you have applied for admission to any university or college, then here are the 9 signs that the college you applied to will admit/accept you in.

What you are about to learn on this page are tested and trusted signs a college will accept you for admission.

But if you are a parent reading this, then there are signs that a college will accept your child for freshman or transfer admission.

Interestingly, if you experienced any of these signs, then prepare yourself and be reassured that you will receive an acceptance letter as soon as possible.

There are also the same signs that are applicable to those that are planning to apply to a college for freshman admission.

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Note; different colleges may consider one or more factors more important for admission than how other colleges do.

How to Know if a College will Accept You

9 Signs That The College You Applied To Will Admit/Accept You

Applying for admission in the college is a very simple process but getting yourself qualified for admission is the point that seems challenging.


Therefore, if you test yourself by cross-checking how good or bad your application was, you will have a better insight into whether or not you will be accepted into a college.

Importantly, below are the best and considerable signs that a college will accept you or your child, if you are a parent, for admission.

Sign 9: The Acceptance rate of the college:

The acceptance rate of a given college is a very important factor for checking how challenging, competitive, hard to get in, or easier to get in the college is.

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If you applied for a college with a high acceptance rate – let’s say; 60% upward, your chance of getting in will be higher than applying for a college with a 6% acceptance rate or lower.

Sign 8: Students like you that Get in:

Another good sign is the average number of students that are accepted into the college you applied to.

For example, if you are an average student applying for admission to top colleges like UCLA, HAVARD, etc., your chance of getting in will be very low.

In top colleges like UCLA, applicants will need to be at the top of their class with at least a 4.2 GPA on the 4.0 GPA scale to be accepted.


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Sign 7: Your Application:

One of the top 9 signs that the college you applied to will admit you is your application.

This implies how good or bad your submitted academic documents, grades, essay, test score, recommendation letter, and interest are.

In fact, if you submitted a very good letter of recommendation, personal essay, a good grade and/or test scores, etc., that’s good enough to have confidence that the college will admit you.

For you to easily predict your chance, you must consider how good your application was.

Sign 6: Your Extra-Curricular Activities:

Many students applying for college do make mistakes of not listing their extra Curricular activities or not being sincere with their listing.

The truth is, listing a good number of extracurricular activities you are involved in and a strong demonstration of leaders will go a long to boost your chance of getting in.

Sign 5: Your Student Profile:

Many applicants use the skill of building up a strong student profile to stand out Among every other applicant in their category.


The truth is, colleges prefer admitting students with strong profiles to those with average or weak profiles.

Using every part of your student profile to your best advantage will help to boost your chance of being accepted.

Sign 4: Your Strength and Interest:

Colleges consider students’ strengths and interests in the college as one of the top priorities and criteria for admission.

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How well have you been engaged in meaningful interviews that support your strengths and good character? How good was the outcome?

Secondly, have you demonstrated enough interest in the college and program you applied for?

All this put together will help the college to determine if you are a good match with the college or not.

Sign 3: Past Admission Stat:

How is the college past admission stats? another relevant sign that the college you applied for will admit you is a look at their past admission stats.


Going through the college’s statistics, you will be able to know the rate at which students of your class are accepted into the college.

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Check your college past admission stats, were students of your category admitted in past years? If yes, then also consider the number of applicants.

If at the end of your findings you discover that students of your category are usually admitted, then your chance of getting in is high.

Sign 2: The High School you Attended:

This is another clear sign but mostly considered irrelevant by some applicants, that will entail if some colleges will admit you or not.

The big question is “can the high school you attended affect college admission chances”? And the big answer is YES!!!

It is important to inform you that the high school you attended will have a role to play in whether or not you will be admitted to some colleges.

For example, some colleges only admit students that attended a top-tier high school.



Sign 1: Your Grade:

This is the first and most important of the game. A good grade is a big advantage for admission when combined with other good qualifications.

One of the outstanding signs that a college will accept you is your academic grades. A good grade, a greater chance!!!

But also know that a good grade with a bad letter of recommendation, poor personal essay, poor test score, and poor student profile is also a drawback to college admission.

How do you know if a college is going to accept you?

You can only know if a college will accept you or not the decision date has arrived. Then will determine if you will receive an acceptance letter or not.

But note; the above stats are most of the criteria that colleges use to determine if an applicant is qualified for admission or not.

There are important admission factors and there are the most considered 9 signs that the college you applied for will admit/accept you.

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