7 Signs That Show You Are Not Ready For College Education

Will love to know these top 7 signs that show you are not ready for a college education? If yes then you’re gonna be glad to read this for the first time.

We are glad to bring this important information to you. At the end of reading this, you will surely rearrange yourself and put things together for your college journey.

College journey has both positive and negative stories therein and if you don’t start well, you may end up on the negative part of the story.

Meanwhile, to avoid ending up on the negative side, it is better to get the necessary tips that should be put in place to show your readiness for college.

If you are ready to learn more, then here we go with the 7 signs that show you are not ready for a college education. Make sure you read carefully

Sign 7: No or Poor Plans for the Future:

Are you just working towards gaining admission into college without plans? Hey there, you get it wrong!!! College education does not work that way.

It will be very frustrating to just wake up one morning to hear that your high school friend is applying for admission into the college and boom!!! You join the queue.

No! No! No!, a college education does not work out that way. In fact, you need to plan your college education from high school.


What if you successfully get into college, complete your college education, and come out to face the reality that is very different from your imaginations? Huh!!!

Solution: See how to plan for your college education.

Sign 6: Poor High School Grades:

It is sad to put in this factor. Anyways, this is not meant to make you sad, but it is to remind you that your grade is a very important factor for college admission.

The truth is, if you have a very poor high school grade and don’t work on yourself, you may end up maintaining the same poor grades in college.

Note; many colleges use grades as one of the major factors for college admission in the U.S. But if you have a poor grade then other factors and qualifications can also boost you up.

Sign 5: Behavioral Problems:

Hey there!!! You are about to get into college and you need to change so many of your high school behaviors.

Signs That Show You Are Not Ready For College Education

One of the 7 signs that show you are not ready for a college education is your behavior. College is not for young people who behave like kids, but for young people who behave maturely like adults.


There are many behaviors you put up in high school that was tolerated but cannot be tolerated in colleges or universities.

Such behaviors in colleges can lead to expulsion/rustication, suspension, arrest and or any other experience that you will not like to witness.

Solution: See forbidden and recommended behavior in colleges here.

Sign 4: Unwillingness/Reluctance:

The truth is, you can’t be planning for a college education and still be reluctant when it comes to studies. In fact, all you should be expecting from college is to study! Study!! Study!!!

There is no time for laziness, procrastination, and reluctance in college except you want to end up wasting all your money and come out with no grade.

So if you must go through college and come out with a grade to show for, then you must be willing to learn, study, and re-study all the time.

Sign 3: Lack of Commitment:

Another notable sign that shows you are not ready for a college education is a lack of commitment. If you are not ready to take commitment, then college may not be the best option for you.

That is to simply tell that college requires a lot of personal studies and academic abilities through classwork, research, and other means.


In college, you may need to study all the time, make research and use the library more often than you did in high school.

The truth is, you have all decisions to make by yourself. Mostly, your parents may not be with you or may not take so much responsibility in compelling you to do things.

In such cases, you own all the responsibilities, decisions, and commitments on your shoulder and you need to execute them properly to succeed in college.

Sign 2: Poor Time Management:

Poor time management is one of the 7 signs that show you are not ready for a college education. If you cannot manage time, then you are done for.

Consider a scenario where you may have an assignment to submit, a report to make, research to carry out, and a lecture to attain, all in one day.

In such a scenario, it takes proper time management to schedule all the activities and carry them out without conflicting with one another.

How about exams, tests and so? In fact, any student who finds it difficult to manage time will also find it difficult to survive the load in college.

Sign 1: How You Managed Your Life in High School:

A college education is just a continuation of high school, although at a higher level. While going to college, 99.9% of your high school lifestyle will come along with you.


But the worrisome part is that college requires more intense management and commitment than the little you did in high school.

In college, you are mostly left to make your own decisions, choices and manage your life. If you were extremely slow in managing your high school life, then managing your college life might only be a nightmare.

One More Important Sign

Money! Money!! Money!!! But you know what!!! Lack of funds may not be a sign that you are not ready for a college education because there are so many options to cover you up.

If you lack the capital to start your college education, then check out the following aids and scholarships:

Apart from that, there are many other options that can cover up your financial weakness especially if you are very brilliant.

As such, we may not consider financial weakness to be one of our 7 signs that show you are not ready for a college education.

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