Signs You Should Stay Away From Someone

Signs You Should Stay Away From Someone- Some people may find hard to accept, but the bitter truth is that there are people who don’t deserve to be a part of your life. It could be co-workers, friends, or even family members.

There are very obvious signs you should stay away from someone in your circle. Being aware of these signs will help you realize who is with you and who is against you.

We have all heard about toxic people, manipulators, and devious personalities like narcissists or psychopaths. But the question is, can we can easily detect them in our social circle?

Not quite. Some people can become so close to us that we can hardly see that they are against us because some of these people are masters of pretence and manipulation.

We advise you carefully go through this article so you can be able to map out people in your life that you should stay away from.

Signs You Should Stay Away From Someone

1.   You feel relieved when they are not around

Another obvious sign that you need to stay away from someone is that you don’t enjoy being around them and you feel relieved at their absence.

You may even feel anxious or unexcited whenever you are with them. It is more of an obligation than your genuine desire to see them.

There could be so many reasons why you don’t enjoy someone’s company. They might be too draining, pushy, or bitter. The major thing is, anyone who makes you feel uncomfortable, is not the right person for you to spend your time with.


You can easily tell by the feeling you get when they leave. If you feel relief as soon as they go away, as though the air gets fresher and you can finally breathe, then there is it’s obvious there is no point staying around them in the first place.

2.   They are disrespectful

Disrespect from a friend or relative is often not a good thing. Whether they disrespect you openly, call you names, or disguise their insults as jokes, it’s a good idea to stay away from them. This kind of mistreatment can take really affect your self-worth and mental health.

There can be so many reasons why they behave the way they do. Maybe they are plain mean or just want to feel better about themselves by mistreating others. Whatever the case maybe, the cause of their behaviour is not your concern, it is just plain wrong.

Respect is a pillar of any relationship, and anyone who doesn’t treat you with dignity, doesn’t deserve to be around you.

3.   They are overly controlling and always want to dominate

Some people have a strong habit of controlling others. They usually have issues of their own such as anxiety or a lack of trust. But the problem is that people like this can turn your reality into a living hell.

They spy on you, use emotional blackmail, and force you into the box of their perception; they do all this with the aim to make you do what they want. But they neglect the fact that you are an individual with your own desires, views, and aspirations.

Have in mind that any kind of relationship that takes away the freedom to be yourself is not healthy for you. So beware of controlling, intrusive, and possessive behaviour in those around you. I advise you distance yourself from someone who has these traits.

4.   You feel worn out after talking to them

Everyone goes through challenging periods in life at some point in time, and of course it is okay to be sad and want to share your concerns with your friends and family.


Yet there are some people who complain all the time, always creating a drama out of nothing, and always want to get attention.

These people are sometimes referred to as “emotional vampires”. The reason is because after talking to them, you feel totally exhausted and drained. It’s like they make you totally empty.

Hanging out with chronic complainers and dramatic people steal your time and energy, and if you were excited about a good news, their complains can suddenly kill your joy. So you must think twice about having such people around you.

5.   They judge and make you feel less

Just as disrespect, a highly judgmental attitude is another sign of an unhealthy relationship, whether family or friends.

Looking down on someone is very different from giving them constructive feedback. Friends are expected to tell the truth to each other, even when it’s bitter. But real friends won’t put you down.

You can easily identify this toxic attitude by the way it feels. How do you feel about yourself after talking to someone? Do your dreams suddenly seem small and ridiculous? Does a conversation with them evoke a rush of pessimism or makes you feel inferior?

All these are signs that your friend or family member belittles you. Spending time with someone who kills your self-esteem is not going to do you any good, so I’d say it is better to stay away from them.

Sometimes it is quite difficult to realise that you have been playing a role in a manipulator’s psychological game, so it’s better to stay away from them before it’s too late.


6.   They behave in an inconsistent manner

Finally, another sign you should stay away from a person in your life is that you don’t even know where you stand with them. Whether it is a friendly or romantic relationship you can’t tell because their behaviour and attitude towards you are inconsistent.

It could be a flaky friend who behaves like you are their soul friend only for them to forget about your birthday a few days later. Or a romantic partner who claims to care so much about you only to disappear one week later.

Someone’s inconsistent behaviour may leave you wondering and disturbing yourself thinking you did something wrong. When you didn’t. You are just not on their list of priorities. And at this point, it is better you stay away from someone who treats you like this.

7.   They Take Advantage of You

It is sad that being someone’s friend or relative does not automatically mean that you really care about them. Some people just stay around others out of mere convenience.

If you watch closely, you will see the signs that your friend doesn’t care about you and just uses you. They will show little or no interest in you and your life and will only show up when it’s convenient for them.

They are hardly there for you when you need their help. But at the same time, you will be the first person they will think of when they are in one trouble or the other. You may even end up thinking that your friend is just a desperately unlucky person who faces some kind of adversity all the time.

But in reality, they are simply taking advantage of your kindness. Beware of anyone around you who turns to you for help all the time but show little or no interest in your life and zero willingness to offer you support.

It is a major sign you should stay away from them, especially if you consider them to be your friend.


8.   They are not real

Have you ever seen your friend having an interesting chitchat with a neighbor just to tell you later how much he or she hates them? At first you may feel a bit confused but ignore this situation as insignificant and think they would never do the same to you

Wrong. You cannot trust a fake person even if they seem to be really nice to you. They could do the same to you and you would never realize it?

If you have someone like this in your social circle, consider the possibility that they are being fake with you as well.

Fake behaviour is so common these days, but it shouldn’t be justified or tolerated. The worst part is that you can never tell what to expect from a fake person and you can’t trust them or rely on them either.

Any kind of relationship between two people is incomplete without trust. Because of this, it’s better to distance yourself from fake personalities.

9.   They lie and distort facts

Deceptive behaviour should never be allowed because it kills the trust in a relationship between two people. If you’ve repeatedly found that your friend or family member keeps lying, then you should think twice about giving them a place in your life.

Usually they distort facts just to get you to do what they want or in an attempt to escape responsibility for their actions. For example, they may shift the blame for something they did on you or someone else. These are signs of manipulative behaviour that you should never ignore.

It is not healthy to put manipulative people in your life. If they use particularly damaging tactics such as gaslighting, you may end up questioning yourself and your reality without even realizing how you ended up here.


Frequently Asked Questions

1.   What to do if you want to stay away from someone?

Tell them you don’t want to interact with them anymore.

Do not blame the person or get angry, just try to stand on your decision. Let them know your reason and then leave. Do not allow yourself get drawn into a long discussion, if you are making this decision you should be very sure before saying anything to the person.

2.   How do you know if someone wants you out of their life?

  • They avoid you
  • They don’t talk about the future or involve you in plans
  • They are not interested in physical intimacy
  • They no longer express their love
  • They act secretive
  • They spend time away from home
  • They fight a lot
  • They constantly disapprove of you

3.   At what point should you leave someone?

If both partners are giving equally, the relationship will work out fine. But if your partner takes you for granted or doesn’t respect you, that is a red flag. Sometimes this is a result of relationship stressors that can be fixed. If you feel strongly that your partner no longer values you, it could be a sign to leave.

Final Note

Many of us are surrounded with the wrong people without even knowing it. Many times we become so emotionally attached to these people that we can’t see how badly these relationships affect our day to day life.

Our relationship with friends and family is meant to refresh us but when these relationships kill you rather than refresh, then it may be time to stay away or change your circle. With the signs we have talked about in this article you will be able to map out those people that are not a good influence to your life.

Reference -Signs You Should Stay Away From Someone -Signs You Should Stay Away From Someone -Signs You Should Stay Away From Someone

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