Stanford Admission 2022 Dates, Deadline & Requirements 2026 Class

This is a quick break down of the Stanford admission dates and deadlines 2022, application deadline and entry requirements for the class of 2026 for first-year (freshman), transfer and international applicants.

Intending applicants that wish to apply to the Standard University for the class of 2026 should take note of this important dates.

Interestingly, the Stanford University’s admission is open to all freshmen, transfer applicants that are U.S. Citizens or Non-U.S. citizens and international admission for those that are not U.S citizens.

Listed below are the Stanford admission requirements, dates and deadlines for transfer, first-year and international students admission.

Stanford Freshman Admission Application Requirements, Dates & Deadlines

Stanford University has two admission plans for first-year applicants.

If you’re an applicant applying to Stanford for freshman admission, then the two available decision plans at Stanford for first-year applicants are;

  • Restrictive Early Action (EA)
  • Regular Decision (RD)

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Stanford First-year Admission Requirements 2022 for Class of 2026

The Stanford University first-year admission and entry requirements are

  • Essays
  • High School Grades
  • Standardized Testing (SAT or ACT) but it’s optional for 2022
  • Transcripts
  • Other Required School Forms
  • Interview
  • Arts Portfolio (Optional)
  • Recommendation letters

Stanford First-Year Restrictive Early Action (REA) Dates and Deadlines

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Events Dates/Deadlines
Deadline for Application with Arts Portfolio October 15
Deadline for Standard Application November 1
SAT Test Submission Deadline October
ACT Test Submission Deadline September
Date for Notification of Missing Documents Mid-November
Decision Date December 15
Date for Student Reply/Feedback May 1

Stanford Regular Decision (RD) Dates and Deadlines 2026

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Events Dates/Deadlines
Deadline for Application with Arts Portfolio December 5
Deadline for Standard Application January 5
SAT Test Submission Deadline December
ACT Test Submission Deadline December
Date for Notification of Missing Documents Mid-February
Decision Date April 1
Date for Student Reply/Feedback May 1

How To Apply for Stanford First-year (Freshman) Admission

There’re two application methods for applying to Stanford University’s first-year freshman admission and there are;

Transfer Admission Requirements, Application Date and Deadlines

Transfer Application Requirements

  • GPA
  • Recommendation letters
  • Transcripts
  • College Report
  • Transfer Credit
  • Essays
  • Standardized Testing (optional)
  • Letters of Recommendation
  • Arts Portfolio (optional)

Transfer Application Dates & Deadlines 2022

Events Dates & Deadlines
Application with Arts Portfolio March 15
Application without Arts Portfolio March 15
Submission of SAT scores December
Submission of ACT scores February
Date for Notification of Missing Documents April
Date for Transfer Decision May 15
Date for Student Reply/Feedback June 1

How To Apply To Stanford Transfer Admission 2022

To Apply to Stanford University transfer admission for the class of 2026, visit

International Applicants Admission Requirements, Application Date/Deadlines

Any student that applies to Stanford as a Non-U.S citizen is treated as an international applicant.

International admission at Stanford University is opened to students from all race, ethnicity and Countries around the World.

Admission Entry Requirements for international applicants:

  • Official grades and marks documents
  • Official copies of transcripts
  • Teacher evaluations and recommendations
  • SAT or ACT is required for all undergraduate applicants.
  • Proficiency and Fluency in English.

How To Apply Stanford University as an International Student

Submission of application for admission at Stanford as an international student must be done online using the;


The application procedure is the same as that of every other first-year applicants.

Application Dates and Deadlines for international applicants.

The Stanford University application dates and deadlines for international applicants applying for freshman admission are the same with the first-year admission dates and deadlines listed earlier.

Application Deadlines: Stanford warns that all freshman (first-year), transfer or international admissions applications must be submitted on or before 11:59 p.m. (Pacific time) of the application deadline of the admission plan they’re applying for.

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