What is Value in Civic Education

What is Value in Civic Education

One of the key questions that educators and policymakers must consider is what is value in civic education and how it can be effectively integrated into the curriculum.  Civic values are the values that all citizens share and which ensure the smooth operation of society. The process of teaching people about their civic obligations and … Read more

What is Constituted Authority? – Concepts and Foundations Fully Explained.

What is Constituted Authority

What is Constituted Authority? – Constituted authority is the term used to describe the rightful power and authority that a government or other organization possesses as a result of its legal structure or constitution. It is the moral and legal foundation for the authority of the government and its institutions. In this article, we will … Read more

What is Power in Government? – Demystifying Governmental Powers and Their Sources

What is Power in Government

What is Power in Government? – In terms of politics, power is the capacity to make and uphold laws, regulations, and other policies that have an impact on society. Any political system must have power, which can be used by a variety of institutions, persons, and branches of government. So, In this article, we will … Read more