8 Things That Can Affect Your Performances in College

We believe you will surely appreciate us after going through these 8 things that can affect your performances in college.

What you will see on this page are big secrets that a lot of students only realize later in college and mostly when it is too late.

Unknowingly to so many students seeking admission into college, there is some high school life that can affect your performances in the college to a greater extend.

Luckily, we sorted those things to share with you today so that you can make some necessary amendments where necessary.

8 Challenges That Can Affect Your Performances in College

8 Things That Can Affect Your Performances in College

The following are some of the things that can affect your academic performance in college if not properly handled.

8. Your High School Education:

Most of the things students will learn in college are a continuation of things you have done already in high school.

But the sad side is, many lecturers will not have the time to go back to the foundation and basics of the course.


In such cases, if you were not rooted at high school, you may find it difficult to cope or understand most of the things your lecturer will teach especially in your first year in college.

Students who had a very poor academic background in high school will find it very difficult in college in their first year.

That’s to say that what you did in high school will have much impact on your college education.

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7. Wrong Choice of Major:

Choosing a major is supposed to be base on your priorities, passion, and some economic factors, and less financial earning and salary.

The truth is, all major is beneficial and productive as long as they have high economic value, especially when applied where it suppose to be applied.

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If a student focuses more on choosing a major base on personal interest, passion, and economic factors, the chances are, such student may likely utilize the career better.


Unfortunately, statistics have revealed that more than 60% of graduates from college would consider changing their major if they have the opportunity to start over again.

That simply means that a higher percentage of students from high school choose the wrong major for college may be due to the factors they considered when choosing a major.

The sad truth is that a student will perform poorly in college from the moment he or she begins to lose interest in the major he or she chose.

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6. Taking Too Many Classes:

One of the 8 things that can affect your performance in college is taking too many classes in a Semester.

So many students do this when they consider the number of credit hours they need to graduate.

So to help themselves, they try to cover so many credit hours in a semester so as to cover up their required credit hour, shorten their study years and graduate early.

The truth is, enrolling in more than four classes especially in your first year is something you should never do.


Taking so many classes in your first year will cost you more money and it is time-consuming.

In fact, taking so many classes in your first year may result in a poor GPA if you are not strong academically and it may result in stress or other health challenges.

5. Trying To Finish Quick:

Trying to be the best in college is a very good decision but trying to finish college by enrolling in so many classes is one of the 8 things that can affect your performance in college.

The truth is, it’s better to have good grades and stay up to 4 years in college than to pack loads of classes, finish in 3 years but with a poor grade.

But if you have the ability and time to carry the load without it affecting your performance, then you can go for as much as you can carry.

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4. Financial Constraints:

This is one of the biggest challenges that a lot of college students may face in their journey to college.

Lack of money to buy school materials, textbooks, pay tuition, etc., has a great impact on a student’s performance in college.


So if you know that you are not financially stable for a college education, make sure you plan yourself properly and get a sustainable source of income.


3. Missing Classes

One habit that will not help you in college is missing class or leaving class during lectures.

We all know that college is the best place to make your decision to stay or leave during lectures without being penalized or punished.

But abusing the freedom of staying or leaving during lectures in college may result in a very poor performance in college.

Generally, missing classes is not a good idea for college and it is one of the 8 things that can affect your performance in college GPA.

2. Poor Health:

We know that running into some medical emergencies is something one cannot have 80% control over.

This is one of the reasons we always advise students not to carry too much load in their classes to avoid the stress that may result in some medical challenges.


While in college, make sure you live healthy by eating well, sleeping well, and avoid much load that may result in stress.

With that, you will give your body all the necessary support and supplements to always stay alive and strong.

1. Procrastination:

This is one of the 8 things that can greatly affect your overall performance in college.

The mentality of, ‘I can’t do it now, I still have time to do it tomorrow’ is very deadly, especially in college.

Luckily we are always here to advise our students. So it is advisable to do all assignments at the right time and prepare for exams even from the beginning of the semester.

If you do everything at the rightful time, there will be no room for accommodating and bombarding yourself with workloads that you are supposed to carry out in time past.

Finally, we believe you have known the 8 things that can affect your performances in college and how to tackle them easily.

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