5 Things You Must Do Before Applying for Admission in Any College

Planning for a college is wonderful idea but here are 5 things you must do before applying for admission to any college in 2022.

Note; the reason I make this known to you is to guide you against continuous rejection whenever you apply for admission to any college.

Importantly, these five things are things almost all colleges will need or expect of you immediately they receive your application.

To maximize your chance of getting into a college, it is very important to take these 5 things seriously and make sure you do them before applying for admission to any college.

Below are the tips on the things you must do before applying for admission to any college as a freshman, transfer, or international student.

When Should you Start Preparing for College?

The best time to start preparing for college is when you are ready and the best time to be ready is when you are in high school.

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Although some educational experts recommended that students should start preparing for college as early as sixth (6) grade.


The truth is to say, you have to make your choice of major in high school and start preparing for college. The best option is to get some counsel.

At this stage, some high school students may not have the full insight into what major will suit them. As such, it is advisable to meet your counselor for the best guide.

If you can’t still make a decision after all the counseling, you may have to stay undecided for some time until your counselor works more on you to get the best out of you.

How to Prepare Ahead of College Application?

Things You Must Do Before Applying for Admission in Any College

If you are planning for freshman admission into any college, then the following are the things you need to do as a freshman to prepare for college;

  1. Acquire Extra Skills
  2. Take Necessary Tests
  3. Read as much as possible
  4. Research as much as possible about College

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Things to do While Waiting to Apply to a College

If you are still planning to apply for a college, we advise you to do the following while preparing for the application;

  1. Work on your qualification: immediately you finish your high school education, the next step to take is to prepare for college as a freshman is a work on your qualification.

One of the best ways to do that is to see if your high school grade meets your college requirements. But if it doesn’t, then take the necessary tests.


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  1. Take Necessary Tests: you may choose to start by taken PSAT or other prep classes which will prepare you better for advanced tests like SAT or ACT.

If you can obtain a good SAT or ACT score, then you can combine it with your high school grade. But if your college does not require an SAT or ACT score, then you can try out other alternative options.

  1. Acquire Extra Skills: While preparing or waiting for your college admission, make sure you acquire the necessary skills that can be added to boost your document.
  2. Read As much as possible: if you have applied for a standardized test, then you have to read and prepare for the test effectively.

You can also use that time to revise what you did throughout high school. Also, make sure you read and prepare your mind for your college journey.

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  1. Research as much as possible about Colleges: While waiting, make sure you research about as many colleges as possible to make sure you arrive at the one that is suitable for you.

Also make sure you check out their freshman entry requirements, tuition fee, and available majors before making a choice.

Things to Do Before Preparing for College Admission

If you are done with your high school, the following are the most important things to do immediately you finish your high school before preparing for college admission.

1. Make sure you complete your high school: To be qualified for college admission, you, first of all, complete your high school and obtain a qualifying grade.

After completing your high school, make sure you follow the steps explained above to prepare for yourself for freshman admission.


2. Meet the Minimum or Maximum Age Requirements: to gain admission into some colleges, you must be at least 13 years old!!! Are you surprised by the age?

Well, it is also important to note that it is only a few colleges like Mary Baldwin that have undergraduate programs that accept students from 13 years.

Note; there are no fixed age requirements across all colleges. Other colleges may require a minimum of 16 years for college admission. So check your college-age requirements before applying.

3. Check before Applying: the most things to check out before applying for admission to any college are;

  • Requirements/Qualification: Check the admission and qualification requirements for your entry mode before submitting your application.
  • Entry mode: Make sure you check the available entry mode and apply through the appropriate and recommended one assigned for your program.

4. Make a Choice: Make sure you check if the college you are applying to offers your desired major. If not, then consider going to another college or changing your major.

5. Prepare for your Finance: While preparing for your college journey, also consider the necessary finance needed for the journey.

Also, consider applying for all available aids either in the college you are applying to or via other available aids for college students like scholarships. Below are available ones for you;

At this point, we believe you have known the tips on the things you must do before applying for admission to any college as a freshman, transfer, or international student.


Please kindly share these tips with other students and check below for more helpful tips for the class of 2027 college admission.

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