UC Berkeley Acceptance Rate 2022 |Class of 2026 Admission Rate

One of the ways to determine the chances of getting into University of California, Berkeley 2022 depends on the UC Berkeley acceptance rate for the class of 2026.

Important: in the recent update, the CA Supreme Court had issued a “STAY” on the UC Berkeley lawsuit to hold total enrollment at 2020 levels (42347).

What does that implies? That implies that UC Berkeley must reduce its freshman enrollment by 2500 from current levels.

This also means that getting into Berkeley will become more tougher and competitive because Berkeley receives a lot of applicants every year compared to the number of applicants it has to accept.

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But to determine how hard is it to get into Berkeley in 2022, we must consider Berkeley acceptance rate for 2022.

Below is the analyzed UC Berkeley acceptance rate for the 2026 incoming class for international students, first-year students and transfer students.

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University of Berkeley (UCB) Acceptance Rate 2026.

Let’s quickly analyze the University of California, Berkeley average acceptance rate for freshman admission, international admission, and transfer admission.

The average University of Berkeley (UCB) acceptance from past years uptill 2021 (class of 2025) had always fall between the range of 15 – 17.6%, but has decreased for the class of 2026.

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What is the University of California, Berkeley acceptance rate for the class of 2026?

The UC Berkeley (UCB) class of 2026 acceptance will be 8% because the UC Berkeley must reduce freshman enrollment by 2500 from current levels as compared to last year.

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Below is the breakdown of the admission rate based on UC Berkeley admission types:

Entry Type Acceptance Rate
UCB Transfer Admission rate 15 – 17.6%
UC Berkeley Freshman admission rate 15 – 25.3%
University of Cal Berkeley out of state acceptance rate 5 – 9.14%
UC Berkeley admission rate for in-state 7.2 – 16.3%
UC Berkeley Admit rate for international students 6.7 – 9.14%
UCB Early Action (EA) acceptance rate not offered
UC Berkeley Early Decision (ED) Acceptance rate not offered

Comparing UCB Admission Rate To Other UCs.

We just feel it’s very important to also share the acceptance rates of other colleges under the University of California system.

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For example, some applicants have been asking several questions like, “Is UCLA harder to get into than Berkeley?”

From the UC admission stats, UCLA has always been the most competitive UC school with the lowest acceptance rate. See UCLA acceptance rate here.

UCB Admission Statistics

The Berkeley admission statistics explains better of the kind of applicants that are accepted into UC Berkeley.

Freshman Admission Statistics at Berkeley:

GPA Accepted  
Weighted GPA Unweighted GPA
4.27 – 4.62 3.86 – 4.00
Test Score Accepted  
ACT Score Admitted SAT Score Admitted
29 – 35 1330 -1530
Admit rate 15 – 17.6%

High School Distribution

  • Public Schools: 76.5%
  • Rural Areas: 5.2%
  • First Generation: 26.6%

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Note: submitting of SAT/ACT test scores to Berkeley is optional.

Transfer Admission Statistics at Berkeley:

College GPA 3.71 – 4.00
Admit rate 15 – 25.3%

Admission Distribution

  • From CCCs: 95.1%
  • Veterans: 3.0%
  • Re-Entry: 14.3%

Do you have further questions about the UC Berkeley class of 2026 acceptance rate? If yes, use the comment section below to ask your questions!

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