UCLA Acceptance Rate 2027 – 2022 Admission Statistics

Here is a detailed analysis of the UCLA class of 2027 acceptance rate and the UCLA Freshman acceptance rate 2023. This includes the UCLA out of state acceptance rate, UCLA transfer acceptance rate, UCLA acceptance rate for international students and the UCLA in state acceptance rate 2022.

It’s cool you are here to check out the University of California, Los Angeles, UCLA acceptance Rate 2022 for the class of 2027.

Interestingly, we’re not just gonna focus only on the class of 2027, but we’re gonna consider the UCLA admission stats and class admit rate as well.

Firstly, it’s interesting to inform applicants that UCLA is a competitive school and applicants need a strong academic profile to stand the competition.

Meanwhile, we recommend you check UCLA class of 2027 Admission deadlines and application requirements here.

How Hard is it to Get Into UCLA Class of 2027?

It is hard and competitive to get into UCLA due to the larger number of applications UCLA receives compared to the class size.

Surprisingly UCLA is nothing to be compared with other colleges when it comes to competition.

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UCLA is said to be a difficult College to enter because of its low acceptance rate and a large number of applicants which is totally dependent on the class size.

According to Niche.com ranking of the hardest colleges in America, the University of California, Los Angeles is not even ranked as the first 30 hardest colleges to get into in the U.S.

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UCLA Acceptance Rate 2027 for Freshman, Transfer & International Students

UCLA acceptance rate and class admit rate

Undergraduate admission at UCLA is very competitive and the chances of getting in are low especially for average applicants.

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What is the average acceptance rate at UCLA?

The freshman undergrad acceptance rate at UCLA is between 12% – 16% and it has been that way for a long time.

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UCLA Transfer Acceptance Rate 2027

The UCLA transfer acceptance rate is between 20% – 26% depending on the class size of every incoming student.

UCLA Acceptance Rate for International Students

UCLA’s acceptance rate for international students falls between 6% to 12%.

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The reason for such a low acceptance rate is because UCLA receives so many applicants every year and out of those applicants, few are admitted.

Note; the number of applicants that are admitted at UCLA depends on the entry class size.

So UCLA tries everything possible to choose the most qualified applicants out of the huge numbers that applied to fill the class.

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  • UCLA Early Decision (ED) acceptance rate: unfortunately, UCLA does not offer early decision (ED) as it offers admission through the California University System only.
  • UCLA Early Action (EA) acceptance rate: same is applicable to early action. UCLA does not offer early action (EA).

UCLA Admission Rate Class of 2027 Freshman

The UCLA’s Acceptance Rate for the Class of 2027 is 8.5%. The UCLA admission rate still remains within the range of 7% – 16% coz as it has always been almost every year.


Importantly, the acceptance rate is not everything you should think of. Sometimes, it’s advisable to get your mind off acceptance and focus on how to stand out with a better chance of getting in.

Is UCLA hard to get into?

Truth be told, UCLA is hard to get into. The University of California Los Angeles is one of the hardest schools to get into.

UCLA Admission Stats/Admit Rate 2027.

As obtained from past UCLA admission stats on the academic performance of admitted students, the following are the kind of applicants that are usually admitted.

  • Freshman GPA on a middle 50% range is 4.36 – 4.68
  • Freshman Unweighted GPA on a middle 50% range is 92 – 4.00
  • Transfer College GPA on a middle 50% range is 3.70 – 3.95

The UCLA admission rate for Freshman falls between 12 – 16% while the admission rate for transfer admission falls between 20 – 26%.

A higher percentage of admitted students come to Southern California, followed by those from the rest of California.

The least percentage goes to applicants from other parts of the United States and applicants from international countries.

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