UCLA Medical School Acceptance Rate 2023

Welcome to today’s edition as I will be explaining all that you need to know about the David Geffen school of medicine UCLA and its acceptance rate.

The UCLA Medical school also known as David Geffen school of Medicine UCLA is located in Los Angeles, California, United States and it is one of the most sought after medical schools in California.

ls UCLA a good medical school?


The UCLA medical school offers one of the best medical school programs in California

Being the most applied to university in the country with an exceptional academic ranking, many still ask questions like “is UCLA a good school?

The answer Yes!

The UCLA medical school is a community of cross disciplinary problem solvers who believes in delivering human kind by delivering a leading age research.

When it comes to medical schools ranking, the UCLA medical school is one of the best ranked medical school in the United States.


The David Geffen school of medicine at UCLA as earlier stated is a community because they create lasting bonds while gaining the desired skills for their field.

Exciting Reasons to Study in UCLA Medical School:

Attending UCLA medical school is a valid investment on it’s own. Also, UCLA medical school has an affordable tuition fee and a standard educational quality.

There are so many exciting reasons to choose UCLA medical school of which I listing out some of them below:

  1. Resources: UCLA offers financial, physical, mental health services, food and security programs, free legal services and a lot not mentioned here. UCLA has a way of availing resources to students from backgrounds with different needs. So as a student in UCLA
  2. Educational standard: The school has a well designed curriculum with new content and flexibility to foster an innovative teaching strategy.
  3. A beautiful environment: The beautiful campus of UCLA with classic red brick buildings and the elegant arches of Royce hall, dramatic climb of Janss steps and a huge architecture of the Powell library. Hollywood uses the UCLA’s campus as an ideal of what a campus life should be more of. The campus also have a beautiful museum known as the Mildred E. Mathias Botanical Garden. After the stress in campus most students visit the garden for a little peace and rest of mind while enjoying nature.
  4. The campus also have so many recreational activities like the following;

i) Dance marathon: it is a 26 hour dancing session that takes place annually in April at the Pauley Pavillion.

ii) Celebrity sitings: learning in UCLA could be of so much fun as you get to meet, sit and learn from movies, sports, political, television celebrities.

UCLA Medical School Ranking.

The university of California (Geffen) is ranked no. 19 in best research medical school and no. 13 in best primary care medical school. No. 12 in psychiatry, no. 10 in surgery, no. 12 in pediatric, no. 9 in Anesthesiology.

In the U.S, schools are basically ranked based on academic performance in different sets of widely accepted indicators of excellence.

The UCLA medical school is ranked No.7 among 57 accredited US medical schools.


UCLA Medical School Acceptance Rate 2027

UCLA Medical school is considered the most selected schools with an acceptance rate of 3%. The university access intellectual students with leadership, tenacity, as such students will contribute more to the growth of the school.

UCLA is the best ranked medical schools in the United States, hence their acceptance rate is very competitive even for the brightest students.

What percentage of UCLA students get into medical school?

The university admits over 400 undergraduate degree programs to both citizens and international students.

As earlier stated the UCLA Medical school is highly competitive, therefore to get admission in the institution you must meet the institutions admission requirements

UCLA is the best ranked medical schools in the United States, hence their acceptance rate is very competitive even for the brightest students.

UCLA Medical School Tuition

UCLA Medical school tuition fee will include the following:

  1. a) students services fee
  2. b) Tuition
  3. c) Graduates students association fee
  4. d) Graduate writing center fee
  5. e) Ackerman student Union fee
  6. f) Ackerman/kerkhoff seismic fee
  7. g) Wooden center fee
  8. h) Student program activities and resource complex fee
  9. i) UC student health insurance plan
  10. j) Non resident supplemental tuition
  11. k) Disability insurance
  12. l) Professional degree supplemental tuition

The estimated tuition for the UCLA Medical school for residing students is $37,923.37, while the estimated tuition for non residing students is $50,168.37.

What MCAT Score is Needed to get into UCLA Medical School?

The average MCAT for this UCLA medical school is 517.


What GPA is Needed to get into UCLA Medical School?

The average GPA needed to get into the UCLA medical school is 3.85 – 3.99 in the scale of 4.0 GPA scale.

Admission requirements for the David Geffen school of medicine at UCLA.

To get admitted in the David Geffen Medical school of UCLA you must have the following requirements. :

  1. You must have quantitative thinking for a mastery in mathematics and other sciences,have good spoken and written english communication skills, have a good mental reasoning as the UCLA Medical School is strictly for the brightest aspiring medical students
  2. A good GPA and MCAT score: Although the school hasn’t released the average GPA or MCAT score for the incoming year we will still estimate the past GPA and MCAT cut off mark of 3.4 and 512.
  3. Recommendation letters: 3-5 letters of recommendation submitted by professors who know you well.

The letters are usually submitted through the AMCA application.

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