UNIUYO Post UTME/Aptitude Test Past Questions and Answers 2021/2022

In this guide, we are going to share some helpful UNIUYO Post UTME/aptitude test past questions and answers in PDF to help you prepare for the test.

This material will help you to prepare effectively and increase your chances of scoring very high in the upcoming UNIUYO aptitude test.

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Note: this material is important. To enhance your chances of scoring high, you must study effectively with the appropriate study materials.

Will UNIUYO write Aptitude Test in 2021?

Is it true that Uniuyo will write post UTME test in 2021? The simple answer is YES!!! All Universities including the university of Uyo, Akwa Ibom State, have welcomed back the idea of conducting Post UTME exams.

This is as a result of the poor JAMB performance in the 2021 JAMB exam and the decrement of general cut off marks by the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB).

As such, the university of Uyo (UNIUYO) will conduct a Post UTME exam conduct aptitude test as part of it’s 2021/2022 post UTME exercise.

Date for UNIUYO POST UTME/Aptitude Test Exam 2021

The date for the university of Uyo 2021 Post UTME Aptitude Test exam 2021 may take place from 8th December 2021 to 11th December 2021 (not confirmed yet)


Likely UNIUYO Post-UTME Aptitude Test Exam Questions and Answers 2021

The UNIUYO Post-UTME aptitude test exam likely questions and answers 2021 differs for candidates depending on their courses.

The following are some sample questions. You can order the specified questions and answers for your course here.

UNIUYO Post-UTME Past Questions and Answers for Biology.

Question 1: Which of the following is not part of the ecosystem?

  1. Plants
  2. Animals
  3. Temperature
  4. Meadows

The correct answer is; Temperature

Question 2: What is the primary function of Ribosomes in living cells?

  1. Cellular respiration
  2. Synthesis of proteins
  3. Excretion of waste products
  4. Intracellular transport

The correct answer is; Synthesis of proteins

Question 3. Carbohydrates in animal cells are stored as

  1. Glucose
  2. Glycogen
  3. Maltase
  4. Starch

The correct answer is; Glycogen


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UNIUYO Post-UTME Past Questions and Answers for English Language

Question 1: Choose the option that is nearest in meaning to the word in italics; The culprit will surrender their looted items to the customs officials.

  1. Give away
  2. Give out
  3. Give in
  4. Give up

The correct answer is; Give in 

Question 2: He did not attend the final burial____?

  1. Rite
  2. Rights
  3. Rites
  4. Right

The correct answer is; Rites

Question 3: Gone are those days when he ______ enjoy patronage.

  1. Would
  2. Will
  3. Used to
  4. Could

The correct answer is; used to

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UNIUYO Post-UTME Sample Questions and Answers for Chemistry.

Question 1: In a laboratory practical, 0.499g of CuSO4.XH2O, was heated to constant weight and gave a residue of 0.346g. Calculate the value of X?

  1. 2.0
  2. 3.0
  3. 5.0
  4. 4.0

The correct answer is; 4.0

Questions 2. Which of the following is the principal constituents of a natural gas is____?

  1. Methane
  2. Ethane
  3. Propane
  4. Butane

The correct answer is; Methane

Question 3: Which of these gases can be collected using the method of downward delivery?

  1. Chlorine
  2. Oxygen
  3. Hydrogen
  4. Ammonia

The correct answer is; Chlorine

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UNIUYO Post-UTME Sample Questions and Answers for Mathematics

Question 1: What is the number of sides of a regular polygon with interior angle that is twice the exterior angle.

  1. 5
  2. 6
  3. 8
  4. 9

The correct answer is 6

Question 2: Find the Value of C in three consecutive positive integers a, b and c are such that b2= 4(a+c).

  1. 3
  2. 6
  3. 9
  4. 5

The correct answer is 9

Question 3: Find y if the lengths of the three sides of a right-angled triangle is given as ym, (3y – 1)m and (3y + 1)m.

  1. 12
  2. 9
  3. 8
  4. 4

The correct answer is 12

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UNIUYO Post-UTME Sample Questions and Answers for Physics

Question 1: what will be the force between two equal charges of 1C each, separated in air by a distance of 1km?

  1. 2KN
  2. 3KN
  3. 9KN
  4. 10KN
  5. 4KN

The correct answer is 9KN


Question 2: A car of mass 1000kg that was initially at rest accelerates steadily to 20m/s in 10 sec. Calculate the average power generated?

  1. 0.2kw
  2. 4.0kw
  3. 10kw
  4. 15kw
  5. 20kw

The correct answer is 20kw

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UNIUYO Past Questions and Answers 2021 for all other Subjects

These is a comprehensive UNIUYO Post UTME aptitude test past questions and answers 2021 for you to study with.

We have a completely compiled past questions and answers materials that you can order and use it to prepare for the post UTME test.

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