Universities in U.S That Accept Low GPA for Masters (2.0, 2.5, 2.7, 3.0)

Interestingly, this page has the list of the best Universities in the US that accept low GPA for masters. Most of this schools accept between 2.0, 2.3, 2.5, 2.7 to 3.5 GPA.

If you wish to know the best grad schools that accept low GPAs for Masters and the list of graduate schools with low GPA requirements in the U.S for 2022, then here is the best solution for you.

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To make it easier for graduates that wish to study in the United States to find out master’s programs that accept low GPAs in the U.S, we have listed out a comprehensive list for them to scan through and make a choice.

But before we go further, we advise you to read and adhere strictly to all the information shown on this page so that you may know the right thing to do at the right time.

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Graduate Schools with low GPA Requirements in the U.S for 2022

We believe that knowing the best grad schools that accept low GPAs in the U.S will help Master’s applicants with low GPAs that wish to apply for Master’s in the U.S to make a good choice.

Universities in U.S That Accept Low GPA for masters

Interestingly, there are good Universities in the U.S that do not require CGPA for Masters and many other Grad schools that accept low GPAs from 2.0 to 2.5.

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It is also very important for all Grad applicants to note that it is not all the colleges and universities in the U.S that require GPA as an admission determinant.

There are a good number of grad schools in the US that also accept applicants with low GPAs as long as they have good experience, skills, and recommendations required for admission.

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Importantly, we advise applicants never to feel discouraged because any University is clear about the required GPA for admission.

Although many Grads schools emphasize GPA, many of them admit students with low GPAs as long as the student has other achievements and recommendations.

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Note: GPA is of two scales. One is for the scale of 4.0 while the other is for the scale of 5.0. But on this page, we use the scale of 4.0 only.

What to do if your GPA is Below U.S Grad School Cut off Point?

If your GPA is below the GPA Cut off mark of the school that you wish to apply for, then we advise you to do the following;

1. Try Your Luck: the fact that your GPA is below the required GPA of your school of choice doesn’t mean you cannot be admitted.

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If you have a low GPA but still interested in applying for admission at your school of choice, then make sure you do the following:

  • Build a good Profile. This should include internships, projects, and publications.
  • Have good recommendation(s)
  • Share your experiences and achievement
  • Have good extracurricular activities

2. Change Your Mind: if the first option does not work out for you, then opt-in for other Schools that accept low or no GPA. See such schools below.

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Grad School That Accept 2.8 to 3.49 GPA in US 2022

Below are grad schools that accept any GPA between 2.8 to 3.49. Please kindly check the bottom for the schools that accept 2.0 to 3.0:

Universities/Colleges Required GPA
University of Maryland Eastern Shore 2.93GPA
Grand Canyon University 2.8 –3.4GPA
The University of Arkansas at Little Rock 3.21GPA
The University of Minnesota Crookston 3.21GPA
The University of Massachusetts Dartmouth 3.25GPA
University of Washington Tacoma 3.29GPA
Louisiana State University Shreveport 3.29GPA
The University of Pittsburgh at Bradford 3.31GPA
The University of Colorado at Colorado Springs 3.37GPA
The University of Texas at Tyler 3.38GPA
University of Missouri Kansas City 3.38GPA
The University of South Carolina Beaufort 3.39GPA
The University of Michigan at Flint 3.4GPA
The University of Louisiana at Monroe 3.43GPA
The University of Nebraska at Kearney 3.48GPA

Graduate School in U.S That Accepts 3.0 GPA Requirements

The following grad schools accept 3.0GPA or above:

Universities/Colleges Required GPA
Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania 3.0GPA
Lamar University 3.0GPA
The University of Maine at Presque Isle 3.0GPA
Southeast Missouri State University Cape Girardeau Missouri 3.0GPA
Indiana University Northwest 3.0GPA
Tiffin University Tiffin Ohio 3.0GPA
Colorado State University-Global Campus 3.0GPA
University of Minnesota Twin Cities 3.0GPA
Plymouth State University New Hampshire 3.0GPA
City University of Seattle Seattle Washington 3.0GPA
Metropolitan College of New York New York City 3.0GPA
Northwood University Midland Michigan 3.0GPA
Western Washington University Bellingham 3.0GPA
University of Mississippi Oxford Mississippi 3.0GPA
Arizona State University Phoenix Arizona 3.0GPA
Liberty University 3.0GPA
The University of Wisconsin Parkside 3.0GPA
State University of New York Brockport 3.0GPA
The College of Westchester 3.0GPA
Carlson School of Management 3.0GPA
University of Minnesota Twin Cities 3.0GPA

Grad Schools in U.S That Accepts 2.7 GPA 2022

If you need a grad school that accepts 2.7gpa, then here are the Universities and Colleges that accept 2.7GPA in the U.S:

Universities/Colleges Required GPA
Southern New Hampshire University 2.7GPA for full acceptance
Full Sail University 2.7GPA
CSU Fresno 2.7GPA
Eastern Michigan University 2.7 GPA
Arkansas State University 2.7 GPA
Arkansas Tech University 2.7 GPA
Bradley University 2.7 GPA
Capella University 2.7GPA or lower
CSU Long Beach 2.7GPA

Graduate School That Accepts 2.5 GPA Requirements in the U.S

The following graduate schools in the U.S accept 2.5GPA for admission in 2022:

Universities/Colleges Required GPA
Walden University 2.5GPA
Purdue Global University 2.5GPA
Strayer University 2.5GPA
Our Lady of the Lake University 2.5GPA
CSU East Bay 2.5GPA
Grace Christian University 2.5GPA
University of Southern Indiana 2.5GPA
Troy University Troy Alabama 2.5GPA
Endicott College 2.5GPA
California State University San Bernardino 2.5GPA
Southern New Hampshire University 2.5GPA
DePaul University 2.5GPA
California State University Fullerton 2.5GPA
Cal Poly Pomona 2.5GPA
California State University East Bay 2.5GPA
National University San Diego California 2.5GPA
Strayer University 2.5GPA
Nebraska Wesleyan University Lincoln Nebraska 2.5GPA
Arkansas Tech University Russellville Arkansas 2.5GPA
California State University Channel Islands 2.5GPA
Gannon University 2.5GPA
Humboldt State University 2.5GPA
California State University Northridge 2.5GPA
Jackson state university 2.5GPA

Graduate Schools That Accept 2.0GPA Requirements in the U.S

Below are the graduate schools that accept 2.5 GPA requirements for Masters’s admission in U.S 2022.

Universities/Colleges Required GPA
Fort Hays State University 2.0GPA
Gwynedd Mercy University 2.0GPA
Albany State University 2.0GPA
Full Sail University Winter Park Florida 2.0GPA
Benedictine University 2.0GPA
Colorado Technical University 2.0GPA
Medaille College 2.0GPA
Southern New Hampshire University 2.0 (Provisional acceptance only)
Dallas Nursing Institute 2.0GPA
North Carolina State University 2.0GPA
Virginia University of Lynchburg 2.0GPA
Texas A&M International University 2.0GPA
West Texas A&M University 2.0GPA
University of Houston Clear Lake 2.0GPA
Liberty University 2.0GPA for selected programs
Family of Faith Christian University 2.0GPA
Lewis Clark State College 2.0GPA
University of Maine 2.0GPA
Vorhees College 2.0GPA
Full Sail University Winter Park Florida 2.0GPA

Grad Schools That Accept 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 2.4 to 2.49 GPA

The following Colleges/Universities in the U.S accept any GPA between 2.1, 2.2, 2.3 to 2.4 GPA  in 2022:

Universities/Colleges Required GPA
Metropolitan College of New York 2.1GPA
Richland Community College 2.2GPA
Livingstone College 2.3GPA
McHenry County College 2.3GPA
South Suburban College 2.3GPA
Louisburg College 2.3GPA
Southern University at New Orleans 2.3GPA
Benjamin Franklin of Technology 2.3GPA
Fresno City College 2.4GPA
Southeast Technical Institute 2.4GPA
Talladega College 2.4GPA
University of the West 2.4GPA

Those are the grad schools in the U.S that accept low GPA of 2.0 GPA, 2.3GPA, 2.5GPA, 2.7GPA, or lower for Masters in 2022.

Finally, we encourage you to build a better record and attach it to your GPA to boost your chances of being considered by the above-listed Universities/Colleges.

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Akinfenwa Bolanle
Akinfenwa Bolanle
1 day ago

Good afternoon, I finished from OBAFEMI Awolowo university with2.99 cgpa, can i do my masterin us? And which university can u suggest? Thanks

Jude Idris
1 day ago

2.99 GPA on 5.0 GPA Scale is a poor GPA for master’s especially in the U.S. the most important factor for admissions in the U.S is gpa plus other course works, working experiences and personal qualities. So I will suggest two things;
1. If you want to apply to a popular university in the U.S, then you should first of all enroll for a post-graduate Diploma in the school.
2. If you don’t want to undergo a post-graduate Diploma, then you have to apply to a less competitive/non-prestigious university because all prestigious universities in the U.S require good academic profile which majorly focus on GPA.

Benjamin O.Abiandu
Benjamin O.Abiandu
14 days ago

Hello! My name is Benjamin Abiandu.i have bsc.marketing with 2.0gpa from Nnamdi Azikiwe university ( NAU) Awka Anambra state Nigeria.what are my chances of gaining admission to study public health management or hospital management in university of houston Clear lake U.S.A

Chukwuemeka Theddeus Chibuike
Chukwuemeka Theddeus Chibuike
1 month ago

Am Theddeus by name I got 3.24 cgpa from university of Nigeria want to apply for Louisiana State University for masters what are my chances of getting admission

Or suggest to me any university that can accept the cgpa for masters admission

Jude Idris
1 month ago

Louisiana State University will possibly accept u as long as you meet the minimum requirements. Note: 3.24/4 GPA is a good one for U.S universities. Check the requirements via https://www.lsu.edu/graduateschool/admissions/requirements.php

Chukwuemeka Theddeus Chibuike
Chukwuemeka Theddeus Chibuike
1 month ago
Reply to  Jude Idris

Thanks for your response the 3.24/5 CGPA is it good for Louisiana state university as an international student

Jude Idris
30 days ago

According to the school, The minimum requirements for assured admission are 3.0 Academic GPA!

Felix kayode
Felix kayode
15 days ago
Reply to  Jude Idris

Hello, i need a clear understanding on this; i have HND in Architecture from a Nigeria Polytechnic, with a GPA of 3.0 can i apply for Master’s in the U.S o learnt some universities in the usa accept HND for master’s

2 months ago


Great job well done 👍

I have a 2.99 GPA in political science and I intend to apply for fully funded scholarship for M.Sc. in Public Administration.

I anticipate your response.


Jude Idris
1 month ago
Reply to  Tunde

What advice do you want?

Olakunle Oladotun Fred
Olakunle Oladotun Fred
2 months ago

Hi, my name is Olakunle Oladotun Fred. I have 2.40 GPA in Sociology from University of Abuja and 4.22 GPA in Master’s in Criminology and Security Studies in the same University.
I’m applying for my second Master’s degree in Criminal Justice and criminology in the US because I want to have a US degree. What are my chances?
I await your response.

Jude Idris
2 months ago

Your chances depend on the University you are applying to. So can u please specify?

Olakunle Oladotun Fred
Olakunle Oladotun Fred
2 months ago
Reply to  Jude Idris

The name of the university is University of Houston Clear Lake

Olakunle Oladotun Fred
Olakunle Oladotun Fred
2 months ago
Reply to  Jude Idris

The name of institution is University of Houston Clear Lake

2 months ago

My CGPA is 2.656/4.0 in BSc Physiology. Can I apply for PhD in Physiology on Fully funded scholarship in the US sir?
I await a positive response from you sir

Jude Idris
2 months ago
Reply to  Modupe


2 months ago
Reply to  Jude Idris

Thanks sir
Pls sir ,do I need to write GRE even if the school says it’s optional. Someone told me not to waste my parents ‘money on GRE because the exam is hard and difficult to pass.
I’m planning on applying for Fall 2023 and I have not written GRE nor start preparing for the exam for this year’s GRE.
Maybe I should just try my luck and apply without GRE or what do u think sir ?
I await a positive response from you sir

Jude Idris
2 months ago
Reply to  Modupe

For optional Universities, you are free to apply without GRE

Makinde Olamilekan
Makinde Olamilekan
4 months ago

I have 2.32 GPA I would like to know if I have a chance of going for my master Degree in the US? I studied political science and I’m hoping to have a master in Public Administration.

Nwatu Anthony Nnaemeka
Nwatu Anthony Nnaemeka
5 months ago

Good day, my name is Nwatu anthony nnaemeka, I studied mechanical engineering at Enugu state university of science and technology, please I want to apply for Msc in mechanical engineering and my CGPA is 2.39, please what are my chances of gaining admission…..please also message me a message on my email….

9 months ago

I have a 2.3 GPA in computer science from Ethiopia which university should i apply to for masters?

1 year ago

Am a student of National open university of Nigeria, i want to apply for MS.c, when am through.

8 months ago

I’ve a gpa of 2.07. What is the possibility of getting Visa?

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