List of Universities Offering Radiography in Nigeria 2023

Universities Offering Radiography in Nigeria- Are you looking for universities in Nigeria offering Radiography and you you desire to become a Radiographer? Goodnews! You have come to the right article as we will be showing you the list of universities in Nigeria offering Radiography and we will not stop there as we will also show you the best universities in Nigeria offering Radiography.

In present times, there has been a steady influx of individuals coming into the Radiography profession following the realization, consciousness and information to the public about the profession and the services it provides or renders.. An average secondary school graduate desires to be called a radiographer aside from being a doctor, surgeon, nurse, pharmacist, or an engineer as it formerly use to be the current paradigm shift in choices of courses of study.

Medical Radiography or Radiography happens to be an essential arm of modern medical sciences that plays an irreplaceble role in the overall patient care, diagnosis, promotion of health, management, and treatment of diseases and injuries.

More so, as the profession continues to expand and grow in Nigeria, there happen to be an increase also for the services of radiographers. Also, the increasing numbers of applicants looking for admissions to study Radiography in Nigerian universities have radically increased too. Record Statistics proven by credible sources have said that the number of licensed and practicing radiographers who happen to be in Nigeria is not even measuring up to the overflowing population in urgent need of radiographers’ services. This means higher chances of employment for graduate radiographers so as to ensure that these loopholes are filled.

In addition, a large number of radiographers in Nigeria have continued to migrate abroad as it promises better and brighter opportunities when compared to the Nigerian system. It is now clear the reasons the number of students seeking admission to study Radiography in Nigeria is multiplying every year.

Admission Requirements for Universities Offering Radiography in Nigeria

Here we will be looking at the universities in Nigeria Offering Radiography requirements for both Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB) UTME and also Secondary School Examination Council (SSEC) as well as subject combinations.

  • Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB) UTME Subjects Combination

For the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board examinations (JAMB), a student applying to study Radiography in any of the universities we will be listing must write the following subjects, namely: 

  • The Use of English
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Physics

Most of these universities conduct screening examinations or post- UTME to properly select the best from the rest a form of picking those that are truly qualified for this unique course.


O’level Requirements for Admission to Study Radiography in Nigerian Universities

There are minimum O’level (WAEC, NECO, GCE) provisions made by the Nigerian Universities Commission (NUC) which happens to be the benchmark to gain admission into universities. For Radiography. The applicant must possess at least credit passes in not more than two sittings but few universities only accepts one sitting in these five (5) subjects. They are:

  • English Language
  • Mathematics
  • Chemistry
  • Biology and
  • Physics

List of universities offering Radiography in Nigeria

Here we will be listing the universities in Nigeria offering Radiography.

  • Bayero University Kano (BUK)
  • University of Maiduguri (UNIMAID)
  • Usmanu Danfodio University, Sokoto
  • Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka (UNIZIK)
  • Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria (ABU Zaria)
  • University of Port-Harcourt (UNIPORT)
  • University of Uyo (UNIUYO)
  • David Nweze Umahi University of Medical Sciences
  • Baze University, Abuja
  • Gregory University, Uturu, Abia State
  • Federal University of Technology, Owerri (FUTO)
  • Benue State University
  • Coal City University
  • Federal University of Lafia (FULafia)
  • Federal University Oye Ekiti (FUOYE)
  • Kaduna State University
  • Lead City University
  • NOK University Kachia
  • Pamo University Of Medical Sciences
  • Osun State University
  • Ajayi Crowther University
  • Bingham University
  • Evangel University
  • Ondo State University of Medical Sciences (OSUMS)

Best universities offering Radiography in Nigeria

  • University of Nigeria, Nsukka
  • University of Maiduguri
  • Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka 
  • University of Lagos
  • University of Calabar, Calabar
  • Bayero University, Kano
  • Usmanu Danfodio University, Sokoto

1. Bayero University Kano

Bayero University Kano is one of the top best Universities in Nigeria offering Radiography. The school is best known for its accreditation and skilled professionals for the smooth running of the course. The university was founded and established in the year 1962 and the school is located in Kano, Kano state, Nigeria.

Bayero University Kano popularly known as BUK has the Department of Radiography under the Faculty of Allied Science, College of Health Sciences.

2. Univerity of Calabar, UNICAL

University of Calabar popularly called UNICAL is in our list of one of the top best universities in Nigeria offering the course Radiography. University of Calabar was founded and established in the year 1975. it’s history is linked to the University of Nigeria Nsukka. The University is known also to have one of the be Medical school in Nigeria.

The university houses the Department of Radiography under the college of Basic Medical Sciences with a curriculum that happens to be broad-based that is centred which have it’s focus on effective and qualitative teaching and learning.

3. University of Lagos, UNILAG

The University of Lagos, is a public research university. The university is popularly known as UNILAG and it is located in Yaba, Lagos State, Nigeria and was founded and established in the year 1962.


UNILAG happens to be one of the first-generation universities in Nigeria and is ranked among the top best universities in the world in major education publications.

The University also ranks as one of the best in the country fully accredited by National University Commission (NUC) for the effective running of radiography.

The Department of Radiography at UNILAG is a make up of four (4) main units, namely:

  • Radiodiagnosis
  • Radiation Biology,
  • Radiography
  • Radiotherapy

With the fact that Lagos city happens to be one of the biggest and most popular cities in Africa, studying radiography there will open you to a lot of bigger opportunities too.

4. University of Nigerian, NSUKKA

The University of Nigeria, popularly referred to as UNN, is one of the federal universities located in Nsukka, Enugu State, Nigeria. It among the list of the most renowned Universities in Nigeria that has produced so many great individuals over the years.

University of Nigeria, offers Radiograpy under the Department of Radiography and Radiology Studies. Radiography here which deals with the use of ionizing radiation (including x-rays) and other forms of radiation energy in the diagnosis, management, and treatment of diseases that concerns human beings, is an incredible and irreplaceable arm of modern medical sciences and the center of modern diagnostic medicine

5. University of Maiduguri, UNIMAID

The University of Maiduguri is on of best universities in Nigeria and it is  located in Maiduguri, which happens to be the capital city of Borno State in northeast Nigeria.

Radiography at the University of Maiduguri is pivoted on the following objectives;


The program is designed to accomplish the following objectives:

  • To produce Radiographers who can take professional positions which involves the use of the most complex radio-diagnostic equipment and procedures.
  • To produce professional Radiographers who have a high level of proficiency in conventional radiography and with an amazing working knowledge of other imaging modalities also in Therapeutic Radiography.
  • To produce medical professionals in Radiography who are eligible for postgraduate studies, research and also development.
  • To produce Radiographers having technological competence and relevant practical in the practice of radiography at the primary, secondary and tertiary levels of healthcare delivery.

In conclusion, UNIMAID is ranked among the best universities that offer Radiography in Nigeria.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What faculty is Radiography under?

The Department of Radiography is generally under the Faculty of Health Sciences & Technology.

2. Which course is best for Radiography?

the course degree that is best for Radiography is the Bachelor of Science in Diagnostic Radiography.

Final Note

Radiography is an amazing course one that requires a lot of your focus and time to be the best at it. We also want to add to this, in studying Radiography there are the two-year associate degree programs and also the four (4) years bachelor’s degree program. There are also a one year program where students can become limited radiographer or LMRT.

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