UPenn Acceptance Rate/Admission Statistics 2027

The University of Pennsylvania (UPenn) acceptance rate 2027 shows that Penn is one of the most competitive university that’s hard to get into.

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With the UPenn admission statistics analyzed on this page, you will be able know how  difficult or easy it is to gain admission at Penn.

Note: the Penn acceptance rate is based on different factors and is not usually the same for every year.

The UPenn acceptance rate may vary base on whether the student is applying to the Penn College, Penn Wharton, Penn Engineering, or Penn Nursing), or other UPenn specialized programs.

Penn Early Decision (ED) Acceptance Rate

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From admission data, the UPenn early decision (ED) acceptance rate is 14.9%.

Number of Application Received 7,961
Applicants Admitted 1,183
Early Decision Admission Rate 14.9%

UPenn Regular Decision (RD) Acceptance Rate

The UPenn regular decision (ED) acceptance rate is 4.4% which far lower than that of the early decision.

Total Applications Received 48,371
Applicants Admitted 2,121
Regular Decision Admission Rate 4.4%

Overall Penn University 2022 Admission Rate 2027.

What is Penn admission rate 2027? Interestingly, the University of Pennsylvania average admission rate is 5.9%.

That simply means, in every 56,332 applicants that apply to the University of Pennsylvania, 3,304 is admitted.

This acceptance rate is an average of the UPenn early decision (ED) acceptance rate and the regular decision (RD) acceptance rate.

UPenn Admit Rate Compared to Other Ivy Schools.

When considering the competitive levels of the Ivy Schools, it is discovered that Penn is easier to get into than Harvard, Columbia, Princeton, etc.

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How to Increase Chances of Getting into Penn

In the current rankings, the University of Pennsylvania is ranked among the top 15 schools in the United States and that shows how competitive it is.

How can I increase my chances of getting into UPenn?

Getting into UPenn fully depends on how strong or weak your profile is. As such, you will need good grades, extracurricular activities, good essay, test scores (optional).


For an applicant to be accepted into Penn, such applicant’s application must be properly evaluated. Interestingly, Penn uses the following factors as important in admission evaluation:

  1. Alumni/Alumnae relation
  2. Character
  3. Class rank
  4. Course rigor
  5. Essay
  6. First generation
  7. Geographical residence
  8. GPA
  9. Interest
  10. Interview
  11. Personal qualities
  12. Race/ethnicity
  13. Recommendations
  14. State of residency (In-state or Out-of-state)
  15. Talent
  16. Test scores
  17. Volunteer work
  18. Work experiences.

We believe this was able to clarify you better on the Penn acceptance rate 2027 for early decision (ED) and regular decision (RD).

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