WAEC Marketing Questions and Answers 2022/2023 Expo OBJ & Theory

WAEC Marketing Questions and Answers 2022/2023, WAEC Marketing Expo 2022. WAEC Marketing OBJ Answers 2022. WAEC Theory Questions and Answers for marketing 2022.

On this page, I will quickly share some WAEC expo for marketing 2022/2023 for WAEC Marketing paper 1 (Objectives) and paper 2 (Marketing Theory and Essay)

With this WAEC Marketing 2022 material, you will be able to get hints to free WAEC Marketing Objective and theory 2022 questions and answers.

WAEC Marketing OBJ 2022 Paper 1 Exam Format

The WAEC Marketing paper 1 (objective) is the OBJ paper. This Marketing OBJ paper has 60 multi-choice (OBJ) questions.

In this paper 1, candidates are to select only one correct option among the list of options listed from A, B, C, D, E.

After selecting the correct option, the candidate will then have to go to his or her OMR (answer booklet) and shade the corresponding option.

This Marketing OBJ paper is to be completed within 1 hour 30 minutes and candidates are advised to shared their work neatly using HB Pencil.

WAEC Biology Theory 2022 Paper 2 Exam Pattern

The WAEC Marketing paper two (theory paper) contains the WAEC Marketing essay questions which is made up of different theory questions.


On this paper, candidates are expected to present their answers in a very detailed format following the instructions on the question paper.

Candidate will have to answer about 4 to 6 questions in this section. Each candidates will be given about 2 hours to completely answer the WAEC Marketing theory paper 2 questions.

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WAEC Marketing OBJ Questions and Answers 2022 Expo

The following are some practice and samples of the WAEC marketing OBJ questions and answers to get hints from.

1. ____ is statistical tool used in market research to determine how different features of a products affect the buying behaviour in the consumer’s mind?

  1. Market Analysis
  2. Conjoint Analysis
  3. SWOT Analysis
  4. Trade Analysis

The correct answer is: Conjoint Analysis (option B)

2. In which of the following stages of the new-product development process can company test its positioning strategy, distribution, advertising, branding, packaging, pricing, and budget levels?

  1. Product Test
  2. Commercial marketing
  3. Test marketing
  4. Concept testing

The correct answer is: Test marketing (option C)


3. Which of the following analysis methodology can be easily used to identify the macro-economic conditions in a marketing environment?

  1. Market Analysis
  2. PEST Analysis
  3. SWOT Analysis
  4. Trade Analysis
  5. Conjoint Analysis

The correct answer is: PEST Analysis (option B)

4. Which type of trade-promotion discount involves the manufacturers reducing the price of their products to the retailer with an agreement that the retailer must feature the manufacturers’ products?

  1. Allowance
  2. Promo
  3. Discount
  4. Jara
  5. Rebate

The correct answer is: allowance (option A)

5. In which of the following methods does the government uses barriers o foreign products such as biases against product standards that go against a foreign company’s product features or a foreign company’s bids?

  1. Foreign Policies
  2. International Trade Barriers
  3. Non-tariff Trade Barriers
  4. Exchange Facilitators
  5. Foreign Exchange controls

The correct answer is: Non-tariff Trade Barriers (Option C)

6. Which of the following is the most logical budget setting method?

  1. Objective and task method
  2. Products analysis method
  3. Competitive parity method
  4. Market sales method

The correct answer is: Objective and task method


7. ___ is a type of cost that does not vary with production or sales levels?

  1. Immovable cost
  2. Static cost
  3. Fixed cost
  4. Standard cost
  5. Constant cost

The correct answer is: fixed cost (option C)

8. Which of the following is known for screening new-product ideas so as to spot out good ideas and drop poor ideas as soon as possible.

  1. Idea Contribution
  2. Brainstorming
  3. Concept development and
  4. Idea screening

The correct answer is: Idea screening

9. In which of the following market structures does a firm has a very high degree of control over the price of its products?

  1. Public firm
  2. Monopoly
  3. Perfect Competition
  4. Imperfect competition

The correct answer is: Monopoly (option B)

10. Which of the following factors cannot affect the attractiveness of a market segment?

  1. The likelihood of government monitoring
  2. Strong and aggressive competitors
  3. Actual or potential substitute products
  4. The power of the buyers in the segment

The correct answer is option A: the likelihood of government monitoring


WAEC Marketing Theory Questions and Answers 2022 Samples

The following are some samples of the WAEC marketing theory (essay) questions and answers 2022/2023 for practice purposes.

 1 a. What is Marketing Mix?

 Detailed Answer.

Marketing mix can be defined as the marketing model, factors or tools that a firm uses to establish its marketing objectives in the target market. Marketing mix is centered around product, price, place, and promotion.

1 b. List out the 7 Ps of Marketing mix

Detailed Answer.

The 7 Ps of marketing mix are:

  1. Product
  2. Price
  3. Promotion
  4. Place
  5. Packaging
  6. Positioning
  7. People

1 c. Explain the importance of the 7 Ps in marketing mix


Detailed Answer.

The importance of the 7 Ps in marketing mix is that, it helps firms to discuss and plan about the marketing approaches of their businesses.

Secondly, it helps firms to track their evidence and to make adjustments to their products, customers satisfaction, marketing approaches to achieving in other to get maximum results for their marketplace.

2 a. What is Advertising in Marketing?

Detailed Answer.

Advertising in marketing can be defined as a marketing approach in which communication is employed through an openly sponsored or non-personal message with the aim of promoting, or selling a service, product or idea.

2 b. List out 5 importance of advertisement to a business

Detailed Answer.

  1. Advertising helps to drive and improve business growth.
  2. Advertising can help to amplify small business and boost their growth
  3. Advertising provides an easy way to reach out to the right audience
  4. Advertisement can help in converting potential customers into paying customers
  5. It provides an easy means of creating awareness for a company or company’s products or services.

2 c. List with examples, any 4 means of advertisement that you know

Detailed Answer.

  1. Print Advertising: Examples of Print Advertisement includes Newspaper, magazines, & brochure advertisements.
  2. Broadcast Advertising: Examples of broadcast advertisement includes Television and radio advertisements.
  3. Outdoor Advertising: Examples of outdoor advertisement includes Hoardings, banners, flags, wraps, etc.
  4. Digital Advertising: Examples of digital advertisements includes  internet and digital devices advertisements.

Those are the WAEC marketing questions and answers 2022/2023, WAEC marketing expo 2022. WAEC marketing OBJ answers 2022 and the WAEC theory questions and answers for marketing 2022.

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