Why You See ‘Welcome but Blank’ on JAMB CAPS and Solution 2022

We have received a lot of questions like, “why does my JAMB CAPS shows welcome only but remain blank”?, from many candidates.

So today, we have decided to assist those candidates that are having this challenge to solve the problem and tell them what to do.

Note: this article covers information on why your JAMB CAPS is only showing welcome, and why you can’t I access your CAPS.

This are similar challenges that might occur due to the same or different reasons especially for those that are trying to use a mobile phone to check their admission status.

Why is my JAMB CAPS Only showing Welcome?

The main reason why your JAMB CAPS will only show welcome but remain blank is because of the following:

  1. The Device you are using
  2. The Browser you are using

This is a very common issue that almost all mobile users will face when trying to access their JAMB CAPS admission status checker portal.

Why can’t I Access my CAPS?

Device: if you are using a mobile to check your admission status, then you may possibly see a welcome but blank page.

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The simplest way to solve this is to switch your phone browser to Desktop Mode. You can see how to do that below.

Browser: the most recommended browser for checking admission on JAMB CAPS using mobile phone is Google Chrome Browser.

Using browsers like Opera mini might bring difficulties and incompatibilities especially for the fact that Opera mini browser doesn’t support Desktop Mode.

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Solution: How do I Switch to Desktop mode on JAMB CAP?

The best and simplest way to solve welcome but blank page on JAMB CAPS admission status checker portal is to switch your phone browser to Desktop Mode.

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Below are the steps you can follow to switch your Phone’s Google Chrome Browser to Desktop Mode to check your admission status successfully:

  • Open your Google Chrome Browser
  • Login to your JAMB CAPS portal
  • On the browser, check the right hand top corner of the browser
  • Click on the icon that has 3 dotted vertical lines
  • Scroll to where you “Desktop Site
  • Tick the box beside the Desktop Site option
  • At this point, the page will automatically reload and show you the Desktop version of the JAMB CAPS portal.
  • After that, click on the Menu Bar to see the JAMB CAPS full options
  • Finally, select any option you wish to see your admission details.

If this was helpful, please kindly share and feel free to make your comment or also questions in areas you don’t understand using the comment section below.

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