Yale Acceptance Rate 2023/2027 Admission Statistics

Why should students consider the Yale acceptance rate 2027?

Well, it’s simple!!!

Acceptance Rate gives a clue of how easy or hard it’s to get into a particular college.

If you’ve applied to Yale University or planning to, then considering the Yale University acceptance rate is a necessity.

The general Yale admission statistics has a lot to tell about your chances of getting into Yale University.

On this page, we’ve explained the Yale University 2022 acceptance rate for the class of 2027 and the general Yale admission statistics of different classes.

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Comparing Yale Admission Rate to other Ivy League Schools

Before we further, let’s compare Yale University admission rate to other Ivy schools. As such, we advise you to check out all Ivy League Schools Acceptance rates 2027 here


Is Yale harder than Harvard?

No!!! Instead, Harvard is harder to get into than Yale University. As such, Harvard has a lower acceptance rate compared to Yale.

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Yale University Early Action/Decision Admission Acceptance Rate 2027

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The Yale University average Early Action (EA) admission acceptance rate is 21.8%. Below is the breakdown.

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Entry Class Early Action (EA) Admission Acceptance Rate
Class of 2025 10.54%
Class of 2024 13.8%
Class of 2023 13.19%
Class of 2022 14.69%
Class of 2021 17.13%
Class of 2020 17.05%
Class of 2019 16.05%
Class of 2018 15.47%
Class of 2017 29.50%
Class of 2016 32.45%
Class of 2015 35.16%
Class of 2014 32.72%
Class of 2013 36.68%

Yale First-year Regular Decision (RD) Admission Rate 2027

The Yale University average Regular Decision (RD) admission acceptance rate is 5.09%. Below is the breakdown.

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Entry Class Regular Decision (RD) Admission Acceptance Rate
Class of 2025 3.42%
Class of 2024 5.12%
Class of 2023 6.91%
Class of 2022 6.27%
Class of 2021 5.04%
Class of 2020 4.39%
Class of 2019 4.74%
Class of 2018 4.58%
Class of 2017 5.35%
Class of 2016 5.27%

Yale Class of 2027 Admission Rate

The Yale University admission rate for international students is 6.2%. Note; the admit rate for some years falls below or above 6.2%.

Yale Admission Statistics 2027

Yale university is one of the most competitive ivy league schools with a very low admission rate for both first-year, transfer and international students.

Importantly, this is how Yale evaluates the application of students that apply for undergraduate admission.

Yale admission committee considers the following factors very important for admission evaluation.

  • Character personal qualities
  • Class rank
  • Course rigor
  • Essay
  • Extracurricular activities
  • First generation
  • Geographical residence
  • GPA
  • Interview
  • Legacy
  • Recommendation letters
  • State residence, Racial & ethnic status
  • Talent/ability
  • Test scores (mostly optional)
  • Volunteer work
  • Work experience.

Yale Admission Rate by Major

Yale university is a very competitive university with low acceptance rate. Some of the most competitive majors at Yale that are  with low admission rates are:

  • Economic majors
  • Social Science majors
  • Biological Science majors
  • Biomedical Science majors
  • Mathematics major
  • Statistics major
  • Computer and Information Science majors
  • History major
  • Engineering majors
  • Psychology major

Yale university has a very low admission rate for both first-year, transfer and international students compared to UC schools. Check all UC schools Acceptance rates here

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